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by kakaa
this one was bad advice..
http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/deque/deque/erase/ just saying..maybe call the iterators "begi...
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by daym
About GUI
C++ doesn't seem to have a simple and a single consolidated way to make windows and work on graphics...
[11 replies] Last: GLEW and SDL has to do with creating graphics contexts and windows. It... (by NoXzema)
How do I research CS trends in video game emulation + scripting?
I have come up with pretty much the absolute best idea ever which is going to blow minds. The only p...
[12 replies] Last: I know, but it's very hard to find the words that I'm looking for. Is ... (by RealGiganitris)
by Ozzy69
I have a doubt in piper
Hello, I have a doubt this piper: http://jorlin.scripts.mit.edu/docs/publications/98-FastNeighborho...
[1 reply] : k is the input value to the function. So if k = 17, then the output i... (by Moschops)
by kind9
Someone told me that Linux is "stuck in the dark ages" because of POSIX...
I told him that POSIX has been essential in the success of Linux and continues to be important for p...
[5 replies] Last: Linux isn't a POSIX compliant kernel. It implements all (?) of the POS... (by NoXzema)
by axtyax
Feature maps for a Convolutional Neural Network
I am currently trying to implement a convolutional neural network in C++, but since I have no formal...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks I had never heard of the laplacian filter. It sounds like somet... (by axtyax)
trigonometric problem
Hello. I need to solve this: (cotg18*cotg12)/(sqrt(3))-(cotg18+cotg12) Thank you in advance.
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Would you please recommend me a begginer book?
I have tried and failed to start studying C++ language, because all the books and tutorials I tried ...
[8 replies] Last: Read "Jumping Into C++", tutorials on the internet. (by oren drobitsky)
Code review - <random> library user-created toolkit
Several month ago I had downloaded a technical paper (pdf) on random number generation in C++11 and ...
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University choosing in US
I am a international student studying college in America. The career I want to be are programmer fo...
[2 replies] Last: I am a international student studying college in America. The career... (by htirwin)
Restarting Projects
So I've been working on my little GUI library quite a bit, everything was working great- up until I ...
[7 replies] Last: Computer programming is a light-hearted endeavor unless you have a hor... (by DedicatedGamer)
Chapter 5: STACKS Data Structures
Develop an expression manager that can do a balanced symbol check. Your program will read three d...
[5 replies] Last: Also note that here: cout << "\nMismatch found :" << data << " at "... (by cire)
Where to find people like me?
I feel like I'm the only human being in this entire universe who has actually has an interest in the...
[13 replies] Last: I feel exactly the same (almost insanely). I'm most interested in the ... (by CLman94)
Metered BLUETOOTH connection?
I tried pairing my new bluetooth headphones (PBHS3) with my PC (Windows 10, 64 bit), but the connect...
[1 reply] : See the last item at: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/met... (by cire)
slow to connect to internet
I didn't know if any one else ran into this problem. I dual boot on my laptop with windows 10 and li...
[3 replies] Last: 1 - 3 minutes to connect almost sounds like a timeout issue. How liter... (by Computergeek01)
by g3n0m3
need Ideeas for backtracking programs
I'm have some sort of "assigment" and I have to write theory and code applications of backtracking t...
[1 reply] : You could try a game emulator. Something like "Go" would be an interes... (by Computergeek01)
Anyone interested in this project?
I just published a project to github, and was wondering if there's any interest in it. Let me know ...
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