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Linux on a Thumbdrive
Has anyone installed linux ( preferably debian ) with persistence on a thumb drive? Got any pointer...
[9 replies] Last: I hear Arch is supposed to be pretty involved to get set up. I still s... (by ResidentBiscuit)
by Mats
The Current Ukraine Situation
It seems to me to have the potential to become as big a crises as Cuba? Yet no-one here (in the UK) ...
[18 replies] Last: I really don't know why Russia is trying to annex stuff. Black Sea Fl... (by MiiNiPaa)
Assembly access violation
I am following this tutorial: http://www.drpaulcarter.com/pcasm/ So i got to my first program i hav...
[4 replies] Last: Use gdb! Compile your assembly code with debugging symbols and step th... (by ultifinitus)
What`s new in C++14
What is new in C++14. Does anyone have a link as when I search on google it gives me a wikipedia ...
[6 replies] Last: I always link to this now when I see any C++14 questions. http://mee... (by BHX Specter)
by ahcfan
Are there any good, simple to use zip libs? (1,2)
I need one that supports 4GB+ archives.
[23 replies] Last: http://sqlite.org/copyright.html I appreciate public domain. (by gms508)
by izzo75
question about c++
Hey everyone, I just got into c++ programming a couple weeks ago. So far am learning this at a slow...
[13 replies] Last: So, learning the basic C++ syntax such as templates, overloading is ... (by Little Bobby Tables)
by LB
Intuition & random tidbits
I have a theory about intuition. I have a very good intuition, and I think it's less because I am in...
[7 replies] Last: Lexicographers are often very conservative when writing. It covers ... (by Duoas)
C++ books
What are good books for learning c++ game development. Im looking for something that starts from the...
[18 replies] Last: Yea its pretty much your choice on what you want. Just look at the rev... (by YellowPyrmid)
by LB
Where do photons come from? Are black holes slowly sucking up all the photons? Can they be created, ...
[1 reply] : Photons are a byproduct of electromagnetic waves. Due to the particula... (by Ispil)
Has anybody ever bought a membership or dvd or streaming videos from this website? If so is it worth...
[4 replies] Last: Personally, I like videos because they are basically lectures without ... (by admkrk)
Native vs ART vs Dalvik performance comparison
http://www.learnopengles.com/a-performance-comparison-between-java-and-c-on-the-nexus-5/ As you can...
[no replies]
Math level?
What a good math level to have for game programming? I've taken pre-calc and will retake it to refre...
[12 replies] Last: That does help a lot. Math is my favorite subject but I dropped calc I... (by football52)
by Disch
I hate sports and sport culture (1,2,3,4)
It's true. I realized this earlier today. I hate everything about it. Sports are boring to watc...
[66 replies] Last: It'd probably make more sense if BHX Specter didn't write things compl... (by Fredbill)
Reputation System
I think Cplusplus forum should invent a reputation system to rank up members and give privileges. Th...
[13 replies] Last: This forum is fine the way it is, and I'm fond of it's simplicity. Y... (by James2250)
Installation Blues: SFML
I'm trying to follow the installation instructions on the SFML site, but no matter what I do I get a...
[10 replies] Last: Make sure you have specified the correct paths according to where you ... (by htirwin)
Computer got wiped
So I used my computer this morning with no problems, everything was working flawlessly. I just opene...
[7 replies] Last: +1 Lowest0ne , this could be as simple as a profile or permissions co... (by Computergeek01)
by LB
Private Interfaces
I haven't seen anything like this in my research, so if this is already a known thing, please link m...
[11 replies] Last: [quote=TheIdeasMan]Just wondering how this is different to making add... (by LB)
Mario Party Editor Idea
While looking at the fairly recent Mario Party releases I couldn't help but wonder why I have never ...
[1 reply] : I feel that it is just one of those game concepts that Nintendo and on... (by Ispil)
Advice on SATA Cables?
So, I had gotten my parts today on my computer (if you haven't noticed, I have been posting about it...
[2 replies] Last: So, my SATAs are good. But... Are there anything else I am missing? It... (by AceDawg45)
Meet Kelvin.
[1 reply] : I`ve seen this before (by YellowPyrmid)
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