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Documentation on if statements
The documentation in this site's tutorials on if statements does not discuss truthy or falsy values....
[2 replies] Last: I think it would help to mention it in the section on if statements to... (by msknapp84)
Associate's Degree does it get you jobs?
As a student going to a community college with 1 year of computer science experience, I've been read...
[6 replies] Last: Again, having a portfolio will help you tremendously. Not only showin... (by samthewildone)
by Ceset
Disk Wiping
Most of us are sensitive about our personal informations. I want to understand better this wiping...
[12 replies] Last: Thanks Helios. I think IWishIKnew misunderstood much of what I was sa... (by dhayden)
Website Attacks
I know very little about Website attacks or DDoS or something else ? I know one of way to do DDoS i...
[6 replies] Last: @ ResidentBiscuit : Nice clarification to that analogy. I should have... (by Computergeek01)
Universal Epoch Time (1,2)
What happened on the 1st January 1970? Who cares? What about 2000? Again, who cares? None of these e...
[29 replies] Last: Ok, I misunderstood him. I thought he was saying light travels faster ... (by chrisname)
by giblit
Predicting object position
So I have a static turret that will be shooting a projectile with a constant speed and direction at ...
[15 replies] Last: @Disch That makes a lot more sense. @Ne555 Yes, you are correct. ... (by giblit)
Anyone ever hear of a Middle College?
So last year, I asked my school board if I could skip the grade i am in now (8th grade). They declin...
[4 replies] Last: Where I live Z e r e o we had to pay for the dual enrollment classes... (by giblit)
what math equations can you come up with?
I came up with: p1+p2=n 2 p1+p2=n 3 n 4 =n 2
[1 reply] : http://math.stackexchange.com/ (by LB)
by helios
Garbage collectors
Are there any languages out there with reference counting that also optionally perform what might be...
[15 replies] Last: As it turns out, it seems I've spent the last week designing Nimrod. h... (by helios)
by Czar05
Getting Started with Network Programming
Trying to get into network programming, but I seem not to have a clear direction on were I should st...
[11 replies] Last: Yes, it's a minimal wrapper over your normal BSD sockets. (by Avilius)
Thinking of a new facebook privacy setting called "sociopath", check out my idea... (1,2)
So I recently made a post on elite dangerous that the Devon flag would be an awesome decal, my GF sa...
[26 replies] Last: I understand that, but if you have to become a different person when y... (by IWishIKnew)
Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and NFC payments becoming common in the USA
Apple announced their answer to Google Wallet. Some editorials * are suggesting it will cause NFC p...
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Need advice please
I'm about to finish my Associates in Liberal Arts and want to be a computer programmer. I already kn...
[6 replies] Last: OP you should get your Associate's in computer science and transfer to... (by Wild Man1777)
College Applications
First off I am a high school senior and am from California and am going to be applying to a few Cali...
[1 reply] : Try to include both as long as the scores are not very low. I couldn't... (by Wild Man1777)
Basic Game Design Books
I have a fair understanding of the c++ language and was wondering what is the best book for basic 2D...
[1 reply] : had heard about SFML development book (http://www.amazon.com/SFML-Gam... (by Z e r e o)
mvs ultimate 2013
Does anyone know if it is safe to remove Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013? ( 8 GB )
[7 replies] Last: He (I assume a he) means temporary. (by Ispil)
by LB
Rethinking file access for SSDs
Keep in mind I know next to nothing about how file systems, hard drives, and solid state drives work...
[2 replies] Last: For some reason I knew that and still wrote what I wrote in my OP. (by LB)
How To Help People
Hi, i am looking for some tips on how to get my posts up to 100 or even higher. So basically i would...
[4 replies] Last: I just wanted to help a bit more you know. Alright I will have a swoop... (by MasterGeek)
by Ceset
Ubuntu the Spyware
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP8CNp-vksc Richard talks about ubuntu. I use Arch myself and i don...
[6 replies] Last: If it doesn't, I'm leaving the country knowing that nowhere is safe. ... (by Cheraphy)
First public early access of Jetbrain's C/C++ ide. http://www.jetbrains.com/clion/ Still in it...
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