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Does anyone know how easy it will be to build a plugin for excell that..
Displays the inputed data in a certain way? I got a job to do, heres the description: Can yo...
[5 replies] Last: No, this is not easy at all outside of VB Script. Anything from the MS... (by Computergeek01)
What's the name of a program that help you with "other stuff"?
I mean: (Example) I downloaded exceltocsv.exe . When I making my lovely thousand lines of code, I ...
[5 replies] Last: @coder777 Not only this case, but like "sendemail.exe yahoo_smtp addre... (by iQChange)
How you doing my lovelies? been learning other languages so I been away and miss you, wheres your heads at these days?
I miss you guys, been a bit busy and I have a free day to sit and code, I just want to know who's on...
[3 replies] Last: Still here! Come hangout at out irc.quakenet.org #cplusplus I'm worki... (by ResidentBiscuit)
by LB
Cloud terminals!?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BukjPONmO1w I am blown away. Thoughts?
[3 replies] Last: Thank you for sharing ! I've been looking for something like this. (by a k n)
How A Computer Works?(Suggest Links)
Hello im starting to learn C++ from a book but it got me thinking just learning the language wont he...
[11 replies] Last: Just to add why is frequency is an abstract unit of perfomance measure... (by MiiNiPaa)
Who is Duoas?
Who is Duoas? I have seen his posts and I always see people reference him and even saw his engagemen...
[1 reply] : The only staff member is twicker. The rest of us are just enthusiast C... (by LB)
by LB
What all can you do with shaders in OpenGL?
What does this mean? https://twitter.com/TheMogMiner/status/515479546439950336 I know shaders ar...
[18 replies] Last: @Disch Glad to see that openGL guide is still spreading, seriously one... (by BlackSheep)
Hi, I am fairly new to c++. I have been 'trying' to learn c++ for quite some time now. I am using C...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks again, I think I'll switch to C++ Primer. @ResidentBiscuit - I... (by jub4jive)
by plexus
Software by Scott Meyers
Does anyone know where to find some or at least one bigger program written by Scott Meyers. Since h...
[2 replies] Last: I suspected that most of the sourcecode is not available to the public... (by plexus)
by LB
main is not a function (1,2)
When this program is compiled, how many functions will there be? void f(){} int g(); int main(...
[21 replies] Last: It's called, passed parameters, has a call stack, and returns to the c... (by htirwin)
How much maths do I need for C++?
As the heading states, what are the crucial maths concepts I have to learn and perfect if I want to ...
[16 replies] Last: Ah, I didn't realize were were talking powers of 2. (by LB)
How to become a Game developer?
How to become a game developer? What degrees should i have, what courses should i take up and what s...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks, I think I have all my questions answered (by thehitmanranjan)
Next Generation if statements?
I was chatting with this user Eelis (in case you aren't familiar with his work: http://open-std.org/...
[2 replies] Last: This is nice, I like to declare variables inside the conditional but i... (by LB)
which is better BA or BS in computer science?
which is better BA or BS in computer science?. I love maths, not Physics and chemistry. In BS i have...
[4 replies] Last: Depends entirely on what field you get into. (by ResidentBiscuit)
SPARC Assembly
Anyone know much about assembly code? I need to write a program to do this: main () { int c , a; ...
[1 reply] : .begin .org 2048 ! for (a=0; a<5; main: ld , %r2 ! load a into regis... (by ccwtree11)
Help me bring my C++ quiz to life by submitting your own question! More info inside!
Hello! I'm visiting different C++ communities for the purpose of gathering questions for my C++ web...
[2 replies] Last: You don't have to provide a twitter account, but if you do it will be ... (by gouartzo)
by poteto
Bugs with the "C++ Shell"
I'm just gonna start off with a bug that I found, but could not recreate. -I was messing around w...
[19 replies] Last: I've added Coliru support for my Chrome extension: https://github.com/... (by EssGeEich)
by LB
Buoyancy (1,2)
From what I understand, balloons float because the helium gas inside of them is less dense than the ...
[20 replies] Last: @ Duoas : That is an excellent site! It's what re-launched my inter... (by Computergeek01)
what math equations can you come up with?
I came up with: p1+p2=n 2 p1+p2=n 3 n 4 =n 2
[7 replies] Last: I like the solution to x = e^x, the fixed point of f(x)=e^x. It's the ... (by Ganado)
Refactoring Tools: Quality and Acceptance
Hello there, I have worked with many programming languages and many IDEs on quite large projects ...
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