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C++ 17 as an alternative to using OS API
C++ 11 brought us closer to the operating system without having to directly use the operating system...
[6 replies] Last: Visual Studio 2015 released several hours ago, and apparently has supp... (by LB)
Looking to start a Teamspeak Server for programming
Hi, I am looking for someone to help me start, run, and maintain a Teamspeak server for programming....
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by S G H
Trying to compile OpenSSL with GNU Make for Windows? Fix here!
I know this will sound silly, but it took me a lot of googling and mixing. Been having some issues ...
[2 replies] Last: Not for OpenSSL. They have some really weird stuff going on. (by S G H)
by knn9
Third week of record breaking heat... (1,2)
Global warming is real, man. We're going on the third week of triple digit heat here in Washington s...
[32 replies] Last: Okay, so I chose the wrong word... calibration points. And I underst... (by SatsumaBenji)
by Alon
How to add code to the post?
Hi there, I am new to the forums and this site, how can I add a code that I have in C++?
[2 replies] Last: A reference: http://www.cplusplus.com/articles/z13hAqkS/ (by Zhuge)
by bobpit
no email notifications
Hello I do not get any email notifications when people reply to my posts. I check all options in...
[2 replies] Last: aaahhh... That was it ! Thank you very much. (by bobpit)
by jsrlin
How to post your code?
I want to ask a question about a project I'm working on but I'm quite new to this website and I'm no...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks! (by jsrlin)
Learning C after C++
I really like C++ but when I'm looking at job offers people are always looking for C/C++ developers ...
[4 replies] Last: Really nice answers guys. Thank your very much this was useful info :) (by etrusks)
Creating a C++ class for Highschoolers
So I just got hired to become a highschool teacher at my local highschool. I have to make 5 clas...
[18 replies] Last: My personal learning style makes it very difficult for me to pay any a... (by htirwin)
Strangest Programming glitches
I would like to share my experience and would like to hear if anyone else has had funny/annoying gli...
[13 replies] Last: I was working on the IOCP layer of my game server and after some chang... (by Avilius)
Python equivalent of cplusplus.com?
Does anyone know a Python equivalent of cplusplus.com? Something that as the same kind of reference ...
[1 reply] : This one: https://docs.python.org/2/contents.html (by Wyboth)
by helios
When reporting spam
If you just type "Spam." in the reason field, the message will be deleted and the user will be banne...
[7 replies] Last: The messages are viewed by twicker. The reason the posts disappear ins... (by LB)
What do you on your spare time when you're not programming?
I'll start I like to hang out with my family and play family board games! But I usually program ever...
[13 replies] Last: @Ganado Yeah haha, I normally have a breakfast shake or buy somethin... (by giblit)
by axtyax
Books for c++?
I'm working towards being an expert in c++, and It would be really nice if there was a c++ book that...
[3 replies] Last: Mandatory picture: http://computerscienceforall.ru/wp-content/uploads... (by Zhuge)
Any "modern" advanced C++ book/ebook/pdf?
Hey, Does anyone know some advanced modern C++ programming books/ebooks/pdf? I've nearly read al...
[3 replies] Last: ah there is a new version of scott meyers :D thank you. (by Sleicreider)
Rest in peace Maxim Shemanarev
I recently discovered his outstanding work: http://www.antigrain.com/ For some reason he aband...
[4 replies] Last: So I did some reseach about what happend with Maxim. The reason why h... (by coder777)
by helios
Do you cycle to work? (1,2)
If not, you should try it. * It's great exercise, particularly if you can find a good route. * I...
[25 replies] Last: dont cycle but it would be good... (by jeckblack)
3D OpenGL Tutorial
Hi guys and girls, its been quite a while since I posted but I've been a bit busy. So, I'm trying to...
[15 replies] Last: OpenGL 1.1 is 18 years old. woopsy ! I said my ears are wet :)... (by chowmein)
Is Anyone Participating in "The Week of Awesome III"
Link: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/668847-the-week-of-awesome-iii-the-third-annual-unofficial-gamede...
[3 replies] Last: Yeah, that's it in a nutshell from my understanding. I guess it doesn... (by Avilius)
by Ganado
Come and talk about your latest dumb mistake!
So luckily I only wasted 30 minutes this time solving a bug where it turns out I did a - b instead o...
[3 replies] Last: Probably not the latest one, but: const double cm_per_sec = SPEED_COE... (by MiiNiPaa)
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