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Mechanics(physics) question
Hi! I was going through a textbook and came across this question. There are two particles A and B...
[5 replies] Last: It is poorly worded, but I understood it to mean that particle A start... (by Duoas)
Do you think I can use the ideas and concepts I learned from c++ and apply it to other languages?
C++ is actually my first programming language that I am currently learning. And so far, i believe I ...
[1 reply] : It's not that C++ in particular is similar to other programming langua... (by Disch)
by LB
Why do people /hate/ Google+?
Don't read this post unless you have plenty of time. If you skim read, you will miss crucial info...
[15 replies] Last: I went into Google+ neutral. After seeing how it works and that some p... (by LB)
15 Year old Developing Windows App and looking for job
Greetings, I am 16 (-30d) year old. I am programming over 6 years. I have started with classical co...
[7 replies] Last: I'm only 15 and I have found work which is pretty decent, I think if y... (by OrionMaster)
Handmade Hero, Writing a game from scratch
Thought people here might get something from this. Casey Muratori is making a series of live coding...
[2 replies] Last: An interesting stream. An odd approach to game design that I don't ... (by James2250)
Girls on this forum (1,2)
Sooo.. Ive been self-teaching (more attempting?) coding specifically in the forms of c++, opengl and...
[27 replies] Last: lol chrisname. (by Disch)
New features...
So I see new features on the forum but what is the point of having quotes 'shown collapsed'?
[8 replies] Last: Well, What I would want from a quote button is to be able to select p... (by Grey Wolf)
How to learn another programming language when you already know C++
By know I mean that I feel confident enough to write programs in C++. Since I'm working on a projec...
[2 replies] Last: If you do choose to start learning another language, don't take C++ wi... (by LB)
Microsoft does something odd...
It's moving its entire .NET core to open-source, under the MIT license no less, and providing Linux/...
[5 replies] Last: "I guess no more excuse of not using .NET as being a platform-specifi... (by Grey Wolf)
Teenage Growth(Puberty)
Judging by the title you probably already guessed I am a growing teenager trying to learn to program...
[11 replies] Last: Also median is the value in the middle that's what I learned atleast ... (by Mizanyo)
Free books
Is there a reason some books can be downloaded for free at for example http://it-ebooks.info/book/12...
[10 replies] Last: A few web sites have real books that are free for download. I believe ... (by twiggystardust)
Anyone entering? I'm planning on building a 2D Java RPG for it(top-down). Should be fun. I will be t...
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by helios
Thanks a lot Microsoft!
Want to buy an Xbone for triple its price in the US where it was officially released an entire yea...
[8 replies] Last: Speaking of thanks a lot Microsoft, I'm currently programming some sof... (by SatsumaBenji)
Central cpu
Would it be possible to have a few powerful central cpus in a building, and have everyone share them...
[15 replies] Last: OP, that's an astute observation. In fact, the industry has gone from ... (by dhayden)
by TuomoK
New kind of micro controller developer device
Hi all! We have worked with developer board device project. I think this would be interesting cas...
[8 replies] Last: I'm taking it as it's a little box packed full of sensors and an API t... (by SatsumaBenji)
Is upgrading Windows OS's easy?
I've been using the Windows 10 Tech Preview and like it, so when the full version comes out I would ...
[1 reply] : My experience is that it is a bit hit or miss. I usually now backup m... (by Grey Wolf)
Is CGI a good career to pursue? (opinions please)
Hi everybody, i'm here to ask a very simple question. What do you think of visual effects for movies...
[2 replies] Last: A better place to ask would be http://forums.cgsociety.org/ You will s... (by admkrk)
by Null
How is this game called? (1,2)
Hi, I have a programming assignment to make a small console game which was suggested by the lecture...
[22 replies] Last: We know that an n bit integer can hold 2n unique values: 0 to 2n-1. F... (by giblit)
Anyone With Eye Sight Problems ?
I would like to make this post to ask the community if any of you programmer got existing or previou...
[7 replies] Last: Only eye sight problems I have are since I am male and my father is co... (by giblit)
About Animal Hybrids
Do animal hybrids live as long as the animals that make up their physiology?
[10 replies] Last: Why would anyone assume sex is purely about procreation? There are m... (by disturbedfuel15)
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