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GNU General Public License version 2
Hello, I would like to proceed with a public publishing of a GNU General Public License version 2...
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Just a question
I am about to download and install Visual C++ 2015 community. My computer only has 1Gb RAM. Is it su...
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Should I update my windows 7 to 10 (29 Jun deadline by microsoft)
Is upgrading to windows 10 worth it given that my PC already lags so much with windows 7? Also will ...
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laptop reccomendations
I'm looking to buy a new laptop for the school year. I used my old Toshiba satellite l855 s5309 for ...
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Is Snapchats timer implemented on server or client
I was just curious on how apps like Snapchat implement their timers. Is it implemented on the server...
[3 replies] Last: Every file has a creation time. Periodically cull files that are too ... (by Duoas)
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