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C++ Tutor/Group
A friend and I are beginners in the C++ language. Our school does not offer any classes over program...
[1 reply] : irc.quakenet.org #cplusplus A good amount of people from here hangout... (by ResidentBiscuit)
Where to pick up odd jobs for programming?
So, I am turning 14 in a month, and a thought came to me: I am going to be 16 in 2 years. There is n...
[12 replies] Last: lol, I am not sure where all that argument came from either. Simple f... (by admkrk)
Any Active C++ groups?
Does anyone know of an active group of C++ programmers that are always willing to talk about and or ...
[3 replies] Last: irc.quakenet.org #cplusplus (by ResidentBiscuit)
by Disch
Coding Style: Braces (1,2,3)
I know this topic has been debated over and over and it's largely a personal preference... but I jus...
[41 replies] Last: If it had git/Mercurial integration, it would be perfect. Visual Stud... (by Avilius)
Windows 9 being unveiled on Sept. 30 (1,2,3,4,5)
Some of you may know this, but Microsoft is showing Windows 9 off on Monday. I am pretty... nerv...
[87 replies] Last: lol (by Cody0023)
Banned from forums?
I was just wondering what I did to get banned? My name is novellof...I helped out several people on ...
[9 replies] Last: Thanks Grey Wolf I messaged them... I hope I get my account back soon (by novelloff)
Learning 3d effects?
So lets say for example i wanted to make some little 3d example program, like learn how to make effe...
[2 replies] Last: I use AMD's RenderMonkey to develop shaders. But, since it only suppor... (by EssGeEich)
Programming and Depression?
Has programming ever made any of you depressed? If so I would like you to share your story with me. ...
[9 replies] Last: @admkrk I'm glad you enjoy woodworking as much as I like programming.... (by megatron 0)
G++4.9 - Why do I still need -std=c++11?
Title says it all: What's the point? Does turning on C++11 break C++03 code? If not, seems like comp...
[6 replies] Last: Even if C++11 was completely implemented would it really be worth brea... (by Peter87)
by Czar05
Is C++11 outdated?
I have heard that C++14 is finally here, and I must ask is C++11 now considered outdated. The only r...
[14 replies] Last: Oooh I didn't know it was so close now :o (by ResidentBiscuit)
Trying to learn OpenGl
So I was recently learning c++ and I got to a point where I felt I could start multi-learning differ...
[2 replies] Last: Alright well I have figured out what my problem was for anyone interes... (by d1ff1cul1010)
Hey folks!
Last time I posted here was sometime last March I believe. Been clogged up in school and what not an...
[8 replies] Last: Here's a screenshot. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/83943521/Scre... (by EssGeEich)
Help with Mod operator {Equation} (1,2)
int x = whatever.. x = (x + 7) % 10 how can i do the opposite of the above? What is the opposite o...
[22 replies] Last: Well, I hope you did really understand how it works, as that's the poi... (by EssGeEich)
by LB
Messing with inequalities
I was messing with inequalities using Wolfram|Alpha's generated graph and seeing what shapes I could...
[6 replies] Last: Well, let's take a look at the equation, then. y = ⁿ√(1-xⁿ) No... (by Ispil)
by foor
programming task
Dear guys, i'm new in this forum but always use the references, now i think i need your hand . ...
[2 replies] Last: .... (by foor)
Having Fun with Pointers {D3D}
I basically created a chain of pointers...Is there any purpose to having something like this? I saw ...
[14 replies] Last: I knew that it was a out pointer but i just didn't know why...It was s... (by novellof)
First CPPCon videos online
[3 replies] Last: Ah, ok. I wasn't really sure as I hadn't heard of this before. (Or if ... (by LB)
Good book on networking for beginners
For the needs of my project I need to research Internet Protocols. I understand absolutely nothing a...
[1 reply] : Start with this classic: 'TCP/IP Illustrated, Vol. 1: The Protocols' b... (by JLBorges)
Assembly on Windows 64 bit?
I am looking for any tutorials where I can learn assembly on my windows 7 computer...I only can find...
[4 replies] Last: ok cool thanks! (by novellof)
Diffrence Between A Geek And A Nerd (1,2)
Hey guys, I was wondering whats the difference between a Geek and a Nerd, because I get called th...
[29 replies] Last: Where I live: "Geek" doesn't have to do with technical knowledge... it... (by nan0hard)
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