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Is Computer Science for me? HELP
Is Computer Science for me? Hey everyone, I am currently a sophomore and majoring in Computer Scien...
[12 replies] Last: [quote=Little Bobby Tables]syntax shouldn't be as major a factor as pr... (by cactus)
Do I really need a cdn?
Hello who know can you please answer. I'm searching for a CDN service to use with my wordpress blog ...
[1 reply] : Theoretically, yes a CDN should improve website performance. In practi... (by ResidentBiscuit)
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter everyone! I was so bored a few months ago I checked out the new MORE expensive Freddos...
[1 reply] : Happy Easter!! (by toad1359)
Gaming (1,2,3)
I like to play on my PS3 quite a lot and have got quite a few FPS games. Favourite game is Battlefie...
[45 replies] Last: @Twiggy and SGH, I play split screen with my brother and, as said, its... (by James27)
Best test to give to a used gpu before purchase
Hi, I'm thinking of buying a used GPU and I'm wondering what is the best test I could ask the guy to...
[2 replies] Last: No way to know how much time an used gpu will last you. Never had a bu... (by S G H)
Great first person shooters.
Looking for a new first person shooter on my ps3. Preferably one with an amazing campaign like MOD 2...
[10 replies] Last: Anyone fancy a game on ps3 of a cod or battlefield or gta or minecraft... (by James27)
Libraries For Reading The ISO9660 Filesystem
I'm looking for libraries in order to read the common ISO9660 library. Given that virtually every co...
[1 reply] : How about libarchive? It's New BSD licensed. It might offer a lot more... (by TheRabbitologist)
Reducing fractions
So, take the three fractions: (0252144/11088) (0078848/11088) (-247401/11088) How can I redu...
[1 reply] : Your given fractions are convenient because they already share the sam... (by Duoas)
by cactus
SQL? What is it and why is it important?
Alright, I know I could Google this, and I plan on doing a little research after posting this. I'm j...
[17 replies] Last: You can't think of anything that fills same roll? How about YAML? (YA... (by SatsumaBenji)
by Rawn
Cplusplus book
I would like to say that this website (and its content) is by far the best resource when it comes to...
[5 replies] Last: have and have, I mean, the twitter account looks as dead as an undead ... (by TarikNeaj)
Tutoring - Line Between Cheating
Hi all, I've been tutoring for over a year now for students in C++, C#, etc... A common thing I ...
[3 replies] Last: Depends on how much you showed them. I mean some people see the coding... (by jae0014)
CodeBlocks main.cpp does not appear
When i create a new project on code blocks a gray screen appears where the hello world should be. To...
[2 replies] Last: Problem is fixed, no need for a reply Thanks (by rpierre2)
Sensor Programming
I need some help in sensor program .Please suggest the roadmap Please find the requirement in Kinect...
[4 replies] Last: I am having problem in getting the right values of z means ditance of ... (by Gaurav Tiwari)
by LB
What if the education system schooled parents?
For centuries the education system has been a process of parents handing off their children to publi...
[19 replies] Last: @dhayden: I think that's the less extreme version of what I was thinki... (by LB)
Microsoft battles piracy... sort of (1,2)
http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN0ME06A20150318?irpc=932 Not sure what to think. You thin...
[33 replies] Last: @tition: I think you forgot to properly share those files as public - ... (by LB)
how much to study? :D (1,2)
Hii.. I just turned 16 this month and I have decided to become programmer(Would like to work on Os/g...
[35 replies] Last: yeah but couldn't grasp much.... (by programmer007)
Entry level jobs?
How does one find an entry level job in computer science? I certainly do not have 3-5 years of ex...
[7 replies] Last: One way to build up experience is through doing work for hire - post i... (by jheard901)
An RPG Game for You
I had a little wee bit of spare time to make something since I didn't have any coding work for the w...
[3 replies] Last: Ah, sorry I didn't realize that period got attached to the link. Fixed... (by jheard901)
Please help me study for my test
Data analysis, Probability, Statistics, ad Discrete Math 1)Mary has 6 red marbles a...
[1 reply] : This is all straight-up, simple probabilities, a la secondary school. ... (by Duoas)
My Monitors and keyboard are not getting power?
Here is the story: I was cleaning my room today, and decided to dust my computer for the first time ...
[5 replies] Last: Trying to figure out what the issue is can be difficult. I would sugge... (by NoXzema)
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