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by Spiral
What would Bjarne Stroustrup say ?
I'M spiral, high school student somewhere in the world. So I'm dependent to my parents in money. I'...
[18 replies] Last: I have yet to meet a math professor that sees math textbooks with any ... (by Ispil)
My First Game!
Russian Roulette! My first non-graphic game. This is a 2 player game, so grab a friend and enjoy! ...
[11 replies] Last: Thanks, I am going to work on something else, but I don't know what. (by FireCoder)
Jokes for Coders!
Hey fellow coders! I love jokes, memes, and comics! So I know there has to be some jokes for program...
[5 replies] Last: Its still cool! (by FireCoder)
Web Development
Hi guys, I'd like to start learning web development, and hopefully start my own website in the fu...
[9 replies] Last: Look at educational books for web development . You will learn what to... (by Ericool)
The three word story 2015 (1,2,3,4,5,6)
So, another game for you all. The rules are you can only use three words and must continue the story...
[114 replies] Last: the generic troll (by Radar)
Visual C++ 2015 and UPX
I have routinely used GCC/TDM-GCC in the past and was rather disappointed in the compilers bloating ...
[9 replies] Last: Yes, it seems that at some point VS started to pack its output by defa... (by helios)
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