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Robin Williams (1951 - 2014) (1,2)
So are there any movies or series he did that any one enjoyed? Myself, I enjoyed all his things he...
[27 replies] Last: "Sucking it up" would only help you beat depression if you weren't dep... (by chrisname)
by LB
Internationalization (1,2,3,4)
[73 replies] Last: We have a separate thread now: http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/lounge/1... (by LB)
by LB
Humans Need Not Apply (1,2)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Pq-S557XQU How to handle the upcoming problem? I don't know.
[20 replies] Last: It's just a matter of looking around and observing obstacles. So can ... (by helios)
by Disch
Television / Movies (1,2)
I go to the movies once maybe every 2 years... if that. And it's only as like a family outing. I n...
[31 replies] Last: It's probably like 1kbit a second too. Unless they meant per month. (by giblit)
How I handled a scam...
This is just kind of a story I figured I'd share. So, a couple minutes ago, some random "girl" on sk...
[9 replies] Last: Pro Tip: Use prepaid credit cards to buy things on the internet. But... (by Lowest0ne)
by Duoas
Musicshake masterpieces
Sorry, just had to share. "Oddly Familiar" Willz http://eng.musicshake.com/song/92903 "Having Go...
[2 replies] Last: Wow, I like Blue Stone. Thanks! (Still, nothing quite compares with "... (by Duoas)
by String
Starting Windows programming (1,2)
I'm a complete newbie to windows programming and know a little bit of C++. I want to start Windows p...
[22 replies] Last: IWishIKnew, I think you are getting a bit touchy and not reading what ... (by Grey Wolf)
Stuck on this physics question
A book has a mass of 400 g. When you slided the book against the floor with 5 N, it accelerated at ...
[8 replies] Last: Oh yeah. Calculator error. I had 4 instead of .4, which I tried init... (by htirwin)
Unhealthy Masculinity (1,2)
So, actually had a discussion about homosexuality in a Dunkin' Donuts while on vacation with a stran...
[25 replies] Last: If you think that think that, I suggest you re-read what I said. Yo... (by htirwin)
Hello people! (1,2)
How are you doing today? I have a little game for you. He is EPIC !!! Guess who it is!...
[26 replies] Last: Who cares. LOL (by Richard 4234)
sound effects
so i am making an rpg game. it is based in the console im trying to figure out how to put a simple t...
[13 replies] Last: You could save and load essentially the same way. Something like this:... (by Computergeek01)
School is Odd...
While I've always been dissatisfied with US school programs since the 4th grade, I've recently begun...
[8 replies] Last: I think school is about pumping out a workforce in yearly batches and ... (by devonrevenge)
Set up the sega genesis dev tools. Need project ideas
I was bored and wanted something old school to work on. Any suggestions? My first thought was to mak...
[2 replies] Last: I grew up on the genesis. Since it's going to be running on an emulato... (by Cheraphy)
Ackerman function
Consider this super-exponential recursive function: #include <stdio.h> int ack(int m, int n) { if...
[11 replies] Last: I came across the same problem in brilliant.org , I hope you are not ... (by a k n)
by helios
Vector math
Given a vector of interest and two "down" and "forward" reference vectors, is there some way to rota...
[7 replies] Last: That seems to have done the trick. Thanks! Here's what I'm using it f... (by helios)
by LB
Magnum: C++11 Graphics Library
https://github.com/mosra/magnum I've been experimenting with it and it's really cool. I have not ...
[1 reply] : This is something I'll be definitely keeping my eye on, but I don't th... (by Avilius)
by Duoas
FAQ update (1,2)
Yet another update on the FAQ. I've begun working on the Beginner's / Homework section. http://w...
[29 replies] Last: All righty then... i = ++i + i++ , undefined behavior, sequence poin... (by Duoas)
by LB
The commit with 1506 comments
Thought I'd reminisce on something I went through in late 2012: https://github.com/Bukkit/CraftBu...
[8 replies] Last: Having recently started making plugins, the experience is pretty nice,... (by LB)
Floating point precision
I've been reading up a bit on the standard representation of floats, and I kind of understood that n...
[6 replies] Last: Alright, thanks for the help. (by maeriden)
About std::vector
Why 'vector' doesn't store addresses? If so, when calling "v.erase( v.begin() );", it wouldn't have ...
[2 replies] Last: A vector is designed to: 1. Minimize random access time. 2. Cheaply pu... (by helios)
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