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by Necip
Scatch: Create your own games!
For example playing football with your head: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/72240850/
[1 reply] : > For example playing football with your head... Sorry there, but I ca... (by Naughty Albatross)
Poodlecorp hackers - anyone know how?
Lately a lot of 'internet famous' people have been getting their accounts hacked by an individual/gr...
[11 replies] Last: sometimes they just use phishing to get data..... (by shadder)
by helios
Image viewer
I've just made my first usable release of my image viewer. Any comments and opinions are appreciated...
[10 replies] Last: This works much better. I'm getting a black-box with "Image does not e... (by Computergeek01)
programmer007 is now shadder
Hi, Just changed my screen name... Just wanted all of you to know :)
[5 replies] Last: boot? (by shadder)
I'm not sure why this code isnt working
I just want it to save the number they put in as the maximum, but it just prints out 0 int main()...
[5 replies] Last: Missed this reply. The site is done by one person in their spare time.... (by BHX)
The reporting (1,2)
What is going on with the reporting lately? I've been noticing many people reported like helios and ...
[33 replies] Last: My friends, whether the intent of the troll was to be discussed or not... (by Yawzheek)
my life is ruined
[5 replies] Last: The admin seldom interacts with the site. Report them and he will be t... (by BHX)
Trump or Hillary
Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton who is worse. I'm 16 so I can't vote but I was just wondering wha...
[13 replies] Last: I guess we can have this discussion, as it remains civil, which is a f... (by Yawzheek)
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