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Do beta versions of games have different system requirements
I downloaded the open beta of Battlefield 1 and I thought I wouldn't be able to run it on my compute...
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Your feelings, TheIdeasMan (1,2,3)
@TheIdeasMan I know you have some feelings for me. I know. But I want you to tell all about what yo...
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One more Linear Transformation (help please) (1,2)
Hey guys, I solved one more and final linear transformation function: T(x1, x2, x3) = x1 + (x2 + ...
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by leo255
Picking a topic for a Thesis/Project
Hi all, I'm a Software Engineering masters student in my second year. First year was pre-req's an...
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Math - Linear Transformation Question
Please help me prove that this is a linear transformation: T(x1, x2) = x/5, 3y/5
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One Thousand :) And I still find it a pleasure posting on the forums. I suppose I am here to stay.
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SFML &codeblocks
Hey c++ programmers I have been trying to install SFML(MINGW) on the computer but everything seems t...
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