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What does the logo actually mean (1,2)
Is there more to the website's logo than just a C++ "plus"?
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by zapshe
Curiosity - Atheist or Theist? (1,2)
I was just thinking about stuff that I've already forgotten and then I really wanted to know how man...
[33 replies] Last: Thanks for the input everyone. @SophiaCristina I hear that a lot! I ... (by zapshe)
by Grime
Suggestion: Disallow noobs from making new threads. (1,2)
Aren't you tired of the crap that is being posted on our forum? We could prevent that by simply disa...
[33 replies] Last: I said "could be." I don't think it is automated, but it is a possibi... (by Furry Guy)
by stav
Calculating arc length of function
Hi guys This is more of a math question than a c++ question which is why im posting here under the l...
[3 replies] Last: Does anyone know of a way to calculate the amount of iterations that ... (by MikeStgt)
Do you happen to know more unique, even cultural, pencil and paper games?
(Yes " @Furry Guy " and " @Satan ", I am going to speak like that again, just shrug it off) When me...
[4 replies] Last: It could work out just fine newbieg, it really could, but the thing is... (by Rascake)
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