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by Aceix
Mechanics(physics) question
Hi! I was going through a textbook and came across this question. There are two particles A and B...
[7 replies] Last: ┬┐why don't you try to do your own homework? for the pic with the tra... (by ne555)
by LB
Styling feedback
I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the early phases of this project: http://www.LB-S...
[8 replies] Last: Ah, I'll see if specifying the color in the CSS helps - it's probably ... (by LB)
Coding as a career (1,2)
Hellolo! I've searched around for topics like this, but no topic really answered my questions good....
[21 replies] Last: The Legion was badass... I just can't stand them saying "Kyzar". It re... (by megatron 0)
Pinball Construction Set - Redux
Sorry my brain just dumped this on me. Thought I'd jot some ideas down and expand, contract, or del...
[5 replies] Last: [quote=Lachlan Easton]I don't want to ruin any dreams here, but do you... (by Grey Wolf)
[1 reply] : Do you want to make games that you play in a web-browser? Yes? Then le... (by Lachlan Easton)
Tutorial help
I am 15 and attempting to learn how to program in c++. After finishing about 50% of the code academy...
[6 replies] Last: I started programming with C++ by using the Dummies book. It was a gr... (by Little Captain)
by mshah
guys how to make your programming best
suggest websties if you can.
[8 replies] Last: he never said what area he was interested in. he was just asking for g... (by Little Bobby Tables)
What college course would you think will count as "intermediate algebra"?
I am planning on transferring to San Francisco State University once i get all my 60 transferable un...
[12 replies] Last: I've already scheduled an appointment with my counselor but I'm forced... (by SomeAmazingGuy)
EASY 86K Question? Does any know how to do this?
Please design a program that has the following features. Please pass all arrays like reference (1...
[3 replies] Last: @Fr0zen1 I don't think this belongs in the beginners section since it ... (by naraku9333)
Final exam review help
Guys, I have this question that my teacher gave as a review. I dont find anything wrong. Please help...
[2 replies] Last: IS that better? (by whoovian11)
Your proudest work to date. (1,2)
Today, I finally got SFML installed. Using only the socket example and the API documentation ( The ...
[29 replies] Last: When you put the cover back on you've got to paint the thing green, wi... (by Duoas)
Problem Statement: Suppose in a Hospital, there are two physicians to deal with patients. Patients ...
[1 reply] : So that is the problem. Now what is the question or thing you are havi... (by giblit)
strange/ geeky dreams
I was wondering if any of you had one of those geeky dreams? I was wondering because in my dream the...
[1 reply] : You might want to move this to the Lounge :) - I think if you edit the... (by wildblue)
Guys, gals, https://gitter.im/cpluspluscom I'll let it speak for itself.
[4 replies] Last: Yeah I think it's just for people of that org. My point was more of th... (by ResidentBiscuit)
Modesty a High Form of Insult
What do you think about people who seam to be deliberately modest, or people who in the presence of ...
[6 replies] Last: and you start going on about how stupid and worthless you are. That... (by Disch)
What's it called? [Programming Question]
I program in C++ but what are programs that work with the internet called? I want to create a pr...
[6 replies] Last: or maybe you are referring to web APIs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We... (by Grey Wolf)
Html website
So i made a html website using my notepad (intro web design class). This website had 6 different pag...
[8 replies] Last: Use one function "Response. Redirect" that will help you to combine al... (by garygraves)
Does anyone know how to do this? Please explain in details
To create a parallel 3-bits multiplier to multiply two 3-bits positive integers together.
[1 reply] : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_multiplier This article explains ... (by ModShop)
Open ID 2.0 support going away
As the title says. Google's Open ID 2.0 support is being replaced by Open Connect https://support.go...
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by Nezar
super smart brother !
Hey, My little brother, about 5 years old, is super smart, he seems to have a talent in math and la...
[5 replies] Last: There is also http://code.org/, Which is a nice place for him to start... (by Fr0zen1)
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