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by nvrmnd
Sublime Text 2 font looks ugly (xubuntu)
Hi, i've recently upgraded libfontconfig because codeblocks 13.12 requires it, but after the insta...
[9 replies] Last: I love using terminus font, its amazing (by OrionMaster)
by Mats
APIs and the web - Where to start?
I have some games that I would like to communicate with sites like Kongregate and GameJolt using the...
[5 replies] Last: is there a pdf of it? (by Little Bobby Tables)
I got here through a joke...
Write your question here. Hello, I have been trying to find a computer joke for years. I saw C+++ wi...
[1 reply] : Here is a GIF version: http://imgur.com/m2tmbYw (by MiiNiPaa)
changing the laws of physics (1,2)
so when i was doing the dishes last night, i came up with a thought. I found it quite interesting, b...
[23 replies] Last: Since I didn't give any reply to the OP's original question: anyways... (by Stormboy)
by xismn
Turing Machine / Turing completeness?
Hello, I've been programming for some years, and I've had a great interest in computers and techn...
[2 replies] Last: If you want a nice intro to P vs NP, I found this video to be quite ed... (by Mats)
by ntran
Programming the finite element method
Can someone suggest a book (or any other kind of source) for learning to program the finite element ...
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How to install drivers when building a pc?
So, I am ordering parts today and something is making me a bit anxious (*title*). How do I install...
[5 replies] Last: Well I presume your hardware is new and they will have drivers for the... (by YellowPyrmid)
What do companies want in a programmer (1,2)
I've browsed the Jobs section a few times just being nosy but I noticed that even with about 3 years...
[25 replies] Last: I would look at geeksforgeeks.org. They occasionally post interview q... (by Cody0023)
by helios
Ruin the next week of your life
http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/ I put forward the conjecture that the best player is a unifo...
[16 replies] Last: 35504! Got 2048 + 1024 + 512 + 128 + 128 :) (by Stewbond)
My snake Game
I made this about three months ago. #include<iostream> #include<Windows.h> #include<string> #in...
[1 reply] : Now do this using a curses implementation. ;D (by NoXzema)
Elapsed Time
Can someone help me on using elapsed time, my code doesn't work. Please edit it for me. int time=...
[5 replies] Last: thanks a lot. (by bobthezealot)
by Disch
Free game recommendation: Touhou Wandering Souls
So I have gotten HOOKED on this freeware PC game. And it's weird... because as I try to describe it...
[16 replies] Last: I just started a new game. (by Disch)
by cire
A little fun with google.
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by zsteve
8086 emulator - ideas please!
I'm making an emulator for the 8086 https://github.com/zsteve/hard86 I'd like to have some input...
[6 replies] Last: The concept of emulation is actually very straight forward. The easies... (by Fredbill)
Debate over the theory of graphics output (1,2)
I started a thread on OSdev which lead to a debate which has had no closure or mutual agreement. Her...
[22 replies] Last: [quote=Computergeek01]This was a silly thing to say in the way that it... (by BHX Specter)
[Debate]Using the STL in Games (1,2)
To avoid further derailing SatsumaBenji's thread, I've decided to make my own. Do any of you thin...
[25 replies] Last: This thread came from a separate thread ( http://www.cplusplus.com/for... (by BHX Specter)
What are the "secrets" of this site formatting?
Hello. I know that this site have something like start the code at line n , or show who are you quo...
[1 reply] : There's an article here that has the details... http://www.cplusplus.c... (by wildblue)
by leo255
Feel like my programming skills are not improving (need advice)
Hello, I am currently at a Community College, doing my pre-req's (currently middle of my second sem...
[3 replies] Last: Trust me, you will learn exponentially more in a few days on your own ... (by BlakeK)
by LB
Physical location / lines on a map
[quote=ne555] This content is not available in your country I think it's ludicrous that the rul...
[13 replies] Last: How would you govern this unbounded world? I think it's perfectly san... (by iHutch105)
How many programming languages have you dabbled in?
And how many are you proficient in? A friend and I were discussing the different languages we've...
[17 replies] Last: My list is small Proficient C++ Python Although more with python t... (by metulburr)
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