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Entering the real world with a mentor
I think I need a mentor. I finished my first book on programming in C++, "Programming -- Principles ...
[2 replies] Last: I second the idea of working on open source projects. If you want to w... (by ultifinitus)
by ranfan
Typing Issues? (1,2)
Does anyone here program on a laptop? I'm wondering if it's good or bad for programming. I have tend...
[27 replies] Last: yeah i feel the same way. i guess i have something to look forward to ... (by ranfan)
Fav font
Hello there, I was wondering what`s your favourite font for coding. Mind would be Consolas as it ...
[6 replies] Last: I loved consolas on windows, but apparently it's proprietary... I use... (by IWishIKnew)
When do C++ learners know there ready?
I'm a beginner who has done C++ programming for around 6 months. The question is when do i know I'm...
[8 replies] Last: @ Mizfizz : www.cppreference.com is an effort to document the langu... (by IWishIKnew)
by Bunny
Libtool portability warning
Hi All, In my current project autoconf and libtool are used to generate the build system. The code ...
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How to make sound fx for games?
Hi Cplusplus community, it's been a while since i last started a topic. So i made my own little Leag...
[3 replies] Last: Sound effects/design is a whole field of its own. Pure Data http://pur... (by Lachlan Easton)
What to do after undergrad/contributing to open source projects
I'm doing a bachelor's in computer science and going into my final year. I have a 3.89/4.3 GPA so I'...
[1 reply] : i can only help you as far as the opensource projects go. https://gith... (by Little Bobby Tables)
Plex Server
I'm debating getting a Plex server for storing all my films and media like my Star Wars colle...
[7 replies] Last: Anyone know of a legal way of getting digital movie copies that plex c... (by toad1359)
I have just released a program that I would like suggestions on: https://github.com/BeenEncoded/f...
[14 replies] Last: In my mind, it is either or. It is either a recognized standard (like ... (by BHX)
Help with some Unity3D GUIContent C# script
This is to do with the Unity3D OnGUI() way of loading GUI on top of camera objects, I've posted my q...
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CPlusPlus Syntax Highlighting
Hello, I'm wondering if its possible to format code so that it looks exactly like the formatted cod...
[14 replies] Last: True, but I dont think copying and pasting from an ide copies line num... (by Joshua Schweigert)
What do you guys think?
So I have a project I've been working on in c++. But sometimes i lose motivation to keep working on ...
[7 replies] Last: Saying HTML 5 replaces JavaScript is like saying HTML 5 replaces CSS. ... (by chrisname)
C# outside Windows
(Some questions about the beautiful C# language) 1. Is it possible to use C# outside Windows OS?...
[6 replies] Last: Gtk# works on every platform that Mono supports, and it emulates the n... (by chrisname)
Portable way of bit masking in C (or C++)
In my book, I have an exercise that asks me to take an int x (like 0x12345678) and return another in...
[3 replies] Last: A somewhat ugly solution would be casting the int to char* then us... (by Catfish666)
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