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by LB
Why are novice programmers forced to learn linked lists?
Linked lists are an optimization technique used in only a few specialized cases, such as when the ob...
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People these days
You're sitting in front of a machine that can, in milliseconds, give you access to all accumulated k...
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by Manga
Blender anyone?
So I was thinking of maybe starting a blender study group. If this sounds like a good idea to anyone...
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by boodii
Advice please~~~~
Hello~~ I am completely new to programming and I was just lazy to start even though I was really in...
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Idea to reduce server latency
This only applies to remote protocols with horrible efficiency... like Minecraft or Teamspeak. S...
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Giving away my C++ Mini Arcade for free
So i wanted to share this program i made, its about 2000 lines long Any idea how to post it cause i...
[1 reply] : There is https://pastebin.com or https://gist.github.com/ if you just ... (by CodeGazer)
by kw1991
need user feedback on game
Hi everyone, I am currently creating an Android game application and I need to get some user feedbac...
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by xismn
Stylistic choice?
I've always thought that writing int* iptr; int& iref; was more appropriate than writing int *...
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help changing my operating system
Hi , i have just built a gaming pc, and i want to uninstall ubuntu 12.04 and install windows 7. grea...
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by Daleth
No longer able to find library
I've been using this static library I made, which used to work perfectly fine. Now, after editing so...
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April's fool (1,2)
Its 12:28AM - 1 April 2014 here. So I'd better warn you guys in advance lol, be careful out there to...
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Hamachi Git Server? (1,2)
I'm curious on how I can set up a Git Server with Hamachi. I'd usually just pay for hosting to do th...
[20 replies] Last: You can just type in the address in a svn client and have instant acc... (by helios)
Adoption by Homosexual Couples (1,2,3,...,33,34,35,36)
So today in philosophy we had a debate, *title* and it shocked me that even in the younger populatio...
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When censoring a song almost goes wrong!
Watch this lol (made me laugh like "lmfao"): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R49cP5V7Y4
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Anybody know how to make a small search engine for a website?
So, I am working on a school website, and am making a thing for the library where you can search for...
[11 replies] Last: Use a dedicated framework for it. E.g. Solr (for a small library) or E... (by rapidcoder)
by LB
Why are so many languages forced-GC?
Seriously, can no one comprehend any other way to manage memory? Do the bad aspects of C's way of ma...
[6 replies] Last: Check gcc or clang, you should have objective-c. The language itself ... (by Canis lupus)
I am making a Javascript for uploading files to a webpage. But it sends me an error. My Javascript:...
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HAve to write a traffic simulator as coursework, need help with ideas
SO all I have to do is draw a cross roads with trafic lights on the screen and have randomly made ca...
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A simple problem
Hey, So I found an interesting problem which while being simple enough, needs to use some good think...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <bitset> int main() { int i; std... (by Luc Lieber)
Facebook buying Oculus
Has anyone heard about this? What are they going to be doing with it? It`s mainly for gaming. ...
[14 replies] Last: I'm not concerned. Facebook, just like Google and any other company in... (by BHX Specter)
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