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How do developers put the download link on the internet?
So, there is always software out there you can download off the internet. Well... how? For instance,...
[6 replies] Last: Yeah, if I wanted an installer for my game I'd just go use one alrea... (by Austin J)
Announcing Meeting C++ 2014
Hello C++ Community! About a month ago I did announce the date for this years Meeting C++ confere...
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Group Project
Hey guys, I've been here and there, more there lately, and have been seriously considering doing a m...
[5 replies] Last: i think we can though something up ;-).. i have sent you a pm (by tath)
Quit getch() Input if X seconds reached?
Hey Guys! I just wanted to create some kind of pseudo framerates with my game tryout in DOS. T...
[5 replies] Last: As you are (I presume) using windows, you can use some native WinAPI f... (by NT3)
Ever look at old code and think? What the hell was I smoking? (1,2,3,4,5)
I can't remember which file it was in so I could give the example, but last night I found an old fol...
[80 replies] Last: [quote=NoXzema]I claimed that C89 and C90 (which are essentially the s... (by BHX Specter)
SFML- Space Dev - Join us!
I would post this in jobs, but I felt doing so would be wrong as I'm not offering any pay in this....
[4 replies] Last: @ResidentBiscuit Sorry, I guess I was assuming information would be e... (by Austin J)
Developing as a Professional
Does anyone here work as a professional developer/software engineer/architect/etc? I have recently b...
[3 replies] Last: San Jose CA and New York City, NY (by Cubbi)
Currently, I use Code::Blocks for C/C++/Other, LiteIDE for Go, and now I'm down to my IDE for java. ...
[5 replies] Last: Yeah, I'll probably go with that. (by James Parsons)
Customizable IDEs
I was wondering if anyone here new a IDE that can be customised, like change the theme(not just the ...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks I will try that (by YellowPyrmid)
by CDuck
How do Programmers not Speaking English Use Programming Languages Such as C++
Since this is an internet forum, I thought this would be a good place to ask this question: How d...
[8 replies] Last: I'v seen javascript written in bulgarian (by James Parsons)
Non Programming HelP: Trying to get khanacademy vids on my ipod classic
I am a caveman. I don't have a phone. I don't have a tablet. I have an ipod classic from (I'm pretty...
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Is there a game like Roblox...?
Hey there, Anyone know a game like Roblox where you use C++ for building?(Roblox uses Lua.) T...
[2 replies] Last: Perhaps something like this is possible with PNaCl...? (by NoXzema)
Note Studio looking for Game Engine(Updated)
Hey there, We're Note Studio(Indie) and we're looking for a game engine to develop game in. Note...
[11 replies] Last: I cannot really find the source anyways (I believe it used to be this ... (by EssGeEich)
by Daleth
Encrypting with a long user key
What is the usual method if the string of data being encrypted is shorter in length than the user ke...
[1 reply] : Either fill missing part with 0's or add single end-of-data marker and... (by MiiNiPaa)
I havn`t finished learning C++ but I was wondering, what should I use to make GUI applications(libra...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you, I will take a look at Qt as I have heard of it and I`ve hea... (by YellowPyrmid)
by stdeez
Is it always necessary to make default constructor for a class?
Is there a reason to always make a default, or no parameter constructor? If so what convenient purp...
[1 reply] : You only need a default constructor if you want your class to be defau... (by LB)
Concern over uncomplete install, etc.
I am trying to update an old slow Windows XP computer. The update was done from the internet. Out ...
[6 replies] Last: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAI368bZC1g (by LB)
by CDuck
Structured Tutorials for Qt 5.2?
Does anyone know of any structured tutorials for Qt 5.2? Or a book? By "structured tutorial," I ...
[6 replies] Last: ICS has some good tutorials to get you started. There are http://www.... (by harrym)
booting off a partitioned flashdrive
so i bought a 64 gig flash drive, with the intent to use it for backups, but then decided for someth...
[7 replies] Last: @Little Bobby Tables All right, great that you have it working. Jus... (by TheIdeasMan)
Please rate my grammar
Im building a JIT Compiler and just started the lexer, but wanted to do the grammar first to make th...
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