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Looks like VR is starting to get some serious attention
So I am sure everyone has heard about the Oculus Rift since it has been getting a lot of hype in the...
[4 replies] Last: Sadly, all I am getting out of these "VR" devices is a peripheral. Tha... (by Ispil)
Unicomm library
I would like to ask community to make small review of the library we released. It would be really ap...
[8 replies] Last: I mean WSA* functions family. Ok, if you have 1000 devices, so you h... (by whityfenix)
I have to do a presentation on any subject in programming to my foundation year
So the presentation is for english speaking, part of a study skill package, Im thinking the foundati...
[2 replies] Last: debugging :D thats a good one (by devonrevenge)
International Day of Happiness
As I type this it is the 20th March 2014, which means that it is the International Day of Happiness....
[1 reply] : :D mines not for a few more hours (by Little Bobby Tables)
by CDuck
Is the Qt Quick App Dev Tutorial Applicable?
To learn Qt Quick, I found a PDF on the qt-project website: QtQuickAppDevIntro.pdf. It is in the "D...
[no replies]
GameBoy Opcodes
Where can I find GameBoy opcodes (the original) along with descriptions of what they do? All the tab...
[2 replies] Last: Ah, thanks Bobby. I need help with figuring out what the 'r' under the... (by Fredbill)
by LB
Trying to find JSON parser for JavaScript
I am trying to port a project to JavaScript but am running to a lot of issues due to the weird way t...
[4 replies] Last: Well, then I guess "parser" is another one of those words that used to... (by LB)
I have 33 posts... (1,2)
What do you think about that?
[27 replies] Last: While I understand that some of the newer members break rules, I don't... (by NoXzema)
Community Project #2 Arena
Hello, I'm well aware of the ChessPlusPlus project that's underway on the community's Github reposi...
[9 replies] Last: Did some touching up on the OP. (by Avilius)
Food for your mind, I don't know how but some how we are above human category. ☺ http://s9.postim...
[2 replies] Last: we are also sorcerers: http://james.hamsterrepublic.com/technomancy/ h... (by Little Bobby Tables)
I have this big doubt that can you work on compiling a complete database via excel only. What formul...
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My Life according to...
Using only song titles from ONE ARTIST , cleverly answer these questions. You can't use the band I ...
[9 replies] Last: Chosen artist: http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=BlXjIg4fH74 Are you ... (by ne555)
imaging exercise
Hi! I want to write a program to resize images, and I'm wondering if any of you guys know where I co...
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Code Insults (1,2)
The goal of this is to insult the general population of cplusplus.com with a piece of code. Here's ...
[30 replies] Last: class Normal_person { public : virtual void eat() = 0; virtu... (by nvrmnd)
Smalltalk Distro's
Seriously, what is the difference between Squeak and Pharo? They both ask me to select an image file...
[1 reply] : Anyone?? (by James Parsons)
Google having strange IP
Well first of all a little bit of background, I am from Venezuela and the government has been trying...
[6 replies] Last: I AM CHINA (by James Parsons)
Learn Java
Any good site where I could learn Java?
[3 replies] Last: java2s.com rosettacode.org (by James Parsons)
Guess the country! (1,2)
You have to try to guess the country. The person gives you the first and last letter and you have to...
[23 replies] Last: How could I forget Bulgaria! I don't know if the name Burma is still... (by Austin J)
Looking for Pascal users ..
Does anybody out there making code in Pascal ? If you do please reply because Iam looking for Pasca...
[2 replies] Last: cool !! (by dapontes)
How do developers put the download link on the internet?
So, there is always software out there you can download off the internet. Well... how? For instance,...
[6 replies] Last: Yeah, if I wanted an installer for my game I'd just go use one alrea... (by Austin J)
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