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Good, programmable robot
So recently someone brought up an idea to me of getting a robot, and programming it to be able to sh...
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4/\/\ 1 4 L337 |-|4><0r '/37?
[9 replies] Last: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ceaqtWhdnI&feature=related Heh (by ResidentBiscuit)
Hello Fello
Sorry in advanced if this is the wrong place to put this. I can't seem to find an introductory threa...
[4 replies] Last: yeah.. that is good (by paulkiln)
Help in control structure.
Hi guys, I have an homework About control structure and data types. what do i do
[2 replies] Last: Welcome to c plus plus !! Please move this thread to the beginners p... (by TheIdeasMan)
Every time a programmer downloads Dev-C++... (1,2,3)
God kills a kitten. THINK OF THE KITTENS
[45 replies] Last: has anyone seen the new Resident Evil movie yet? Yes. Very Evil. A ... (by TheIdeasMan)
To do kernel debugging in windows, it is recommended that you have 2 computers - one to be the host,...
[5 replies] Last: I use VMWare player for all my VMs. Just download an iso for whatever ... (by ResidentBiscuit)
by Duoas
What are the most F.A.Q on this forum? (part 2) (1,2)
This is a continuation of the archived thread twicker posted here: http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/...
[33 replies] Last: [quote=Duoas]It was a very long article. Yes, and sorry, that's my mai... (by coder777)
What did CPlusPlus do to upset this StackOverflow user?
I just saw this little convo on there: what i am asking is above reference of IBM is good or not ,...
[1 reply] : Can you link to the thread? Edit: Nevermind, found it http://stackover... (by naraku9333)
Detecting slide/touch on an android phone
How can I programatically and accurately detect the touch/slide made by a user's touch on an android...
[4 replies] Last: Like Computergeek01 , I haven't made a serious attempt at Android dev... (by closed account z05DSL3A)
by ToniAz
Cannot see replies. Cannot reply.
I tried sending this report out, but I failed: ==================================================...
[2 replies] Last: Call me crazy, but if he is unable to see any replies, he's not going ... (by Disch)
Need skilled C++ coder for Castlevania 3 fan game remake
Hi my name is Laslund, and i'm here to find talented C++ coders for a castlevania 3 remake. My buddy...
[4 replies] Last: Ah yeah i kinda see what you mean. Is their anyway to rewrite it but k... (by Laslund)
by BHX
Programmer Jokes: Is it really that obvious?
I already know I'm dumb in regards to jokes, but someone told me this joke was obvious (later it was...
[17 replies] Last: I got the first joke right away. Pretty obvious. @Creative, That's p... (by ResidentBiscuit)
Decent article as introduction to neural nets
Stumbled upon this link last night while surfing the reddits. Honestly, it's the best article I've e...
[1 reply] : WOW ??? (by Aceix)
by Aceix
Wow! never knew until now.
I never knew that there was a language like D. Mann people are so creative.
[7 replies] Last: It's an opinion whether it is easier or not. I don't think it is easie... (by closed account o1vk4iN6)
can someone please do this in a code for me or else ill fail the class.
Prius 42 MPG city 40 MPG hwy gas costs: $3.999 VW 38 MPG city 46 MPG hwy ...
[12 replies] Last: Better think about another career choice. (by leftcoast)
Overselling #defined consts?
Does the current cplusplus.com tutorial on consts oversell #define as a way of defining consts? Fro...
[3 replies] Last: FYI: Enums are discussed in the tutorial (just on another page) http:/... (by Stewbond)
Software to check computer usage
I want a software to make a check on time I spend on my computer(not just internet) and keep a recor...
[3 replies] Last: ┬┐what about suspend? (by ne555)
Totally need one of these (1,2,3)
Greatest hobby ever... http://xkcd.com/350/
[41 replies] Last: char actor, acterization, acterize; (by LB)
by Aceix
Game like Fancy Pants...
Who knows how to make a game like fancy pants adventures. And is it nice? If you've not played it b...
[6 replies] Last: @DaedrusFlip No. (by Aceix)
I wish that Visual Studio was more colorful (1,2)
http://robert.hurst-ri.us/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/codeblocks.jpg It is depressing to look...
[27 replies] Last: I use Dev C++ ;) (by closed account 4SyAqMoL)
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