listing .txt files

Hey, guys. Doing some homework on some very basic Unix commands and getting really frustrated. I'm told to list all the text files in a directory using a relative path. As far as I'm concerned:

ls directory/directory/*.txt
ls ./directory/directory/*.txt
find directory/directory/*.txt
find ./directory/directory/*.txt

all use relative paths and list the text files.

(the absolute path is /home/user/directory/directory/*.txt)

I've been looking all around, these forums are always my last resort. What exactly am i missing and what concept am I not understanding?
Not sure what your question is. Doesn't the commands that you have listed work as intended?
Well I thought they did. I execute them normally and they work just fine. But when I enter my answer into the assignment grader, it keeps saying its wrong. If you can't find anything wrong then it must be the grader.
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