issue with libsig

is there anyone who can help me to solve the issue related to libsig:
Getting the following error:
"g++: error: /usr/lib/ No such file or directory

while if i run command "dpkg -s libsigc++-2.0-dev", t says it is there and installed.

Help me out in this regard.
Is the file there?
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but its linking to libsigc-2.0 and your searching fir libsigc++2.0-dev. ive never used dpkg, but arent those two different so's?
I read so as in sistema operativo (operating system), xP.

`libsigc++2.0-dev' is the package
I guess that `dpkg -s' is similar to `pacman --query --list', list all files owned by a given package.

you may just `ls -l /usr/lib/' (and check the permissions too)

┬┐what's your build command?
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