I am starting a Thesis and the first part of it consists in programming a Flash Device using C++. I would like to find some documentation about how do that. If anybody knows a website or a book would be great.

Well, As this is *Nix section I only know few things about this but this is my answer:

Driver Development or Industrial Equipment Programming.

But if it were Windows I could help you out a bit more.

Thanks! Anyway I have a Windows and my professor thinks its a good idea programming using cygwin. So the important thing for me is figure out how to do the typical functions with flash memory (read and write, erase, etc). So if you know any help in this it will be welcome!

NOTE*: I am telling you how to program a Flash Device and not how to make it.

So first before that you need to understand what Page is in Computer Memory:

Has C++ example.

Then look at how to allocate Pages and take pages away:

Be sure to not copy paste these are simple. Once you understand how Computer Memory Works then come back then you will have much better how Computers Allocate Memory.
Then I can start helping you
What "flash device" are you interested in ? Using serial port, USB, etc ?

If linux kernel already has a driver for it (this is most likely the case) you can write to it using standard fopen/fwrite/fclose C APIs (I think is the same on windows, but with different syntax for "file name").
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