Segmentation fault

for(int t = 0; t < fsdbtapdecoder->_num_tap_state; t++)

I am trying to use DDD to debug on the segmentation fault matter.The segmentation fault is at store_tap_state_set_rtl(fsdbtapdecoder->_TapStates[t]->get_state());

So when I try to use DDD to print fsdbtapdecoder->_TapStates[0] the output can give me somethg
$13 = (_tapstate *) 0x2aab86c70120

However when I tried to print fsdbtapdecoder->_TapStates[0]->get_state() it will have output
Cannot access memory at address 0x77ffff1c98c98

Do you know how can I trace what is the error that cause the segfault?
is fsdbtapdecoder NULL?
why not try doing a backtrace to see what happened right before?
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