chess game!

Hello ,

I am a beginner in C++ and to understand better what is all about and how everything works I decided to create a game of chess. I know is a very big project but I am hopping that when is going to be finished i will certainly improve my skills in c++.

If anyone has done a project like this on his own i will kindly ask him to post here some of the steps or maybe some ideas etc.

I will post again after I am going to finish my 2d array .

Thank you .
Have a look at the ChessPlusPlus project on Github. It's being worked on by some members of this forum
No, ChessPlusPlus is designed to be modular and to have more pieces than a classic chess game. It's good to learn C++ but not to learn how to make a simple Chess game.
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I would love to make you a demo, but I have my hands full helping other people. );

There is a lot of good info on Wiki:

And an example here (untested):
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