Noob - Want to create basic Image resampler

Hi, I want to create a basic c++ program to re-sample bitmap/jpg images and have it run something like this in the terminal.

DzImgResize [imagefile resize-scale% output]

I am a total noob, I thought this would be a nice first program for me to do.

I know there is information there, however I am having difficulty incorporating it, I assume I need to use some free library which has a resize and save function for images.

first task is getting the file into memory.
there are jpg libraries on most linux systems.
Rescaling the image should have a library but I wouldn't know one except gtk, the foundation of gnome desktops so I do not know how well it would work in your thoughts.
saving the file out is saving it a desired format. Jpg library for jpgs png library for pngs.

All the code is out there to do this pretty handily. Linux may have all the libraries loaded on a development platform for graphics stuff.

This is pretty complex if you don't understand the basics of C/C++. have you searched for someone elses image scaler program out there? Gimp could do it quite easily and its based on the Gtk.
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