Best linux IDE

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Hi there
I just want people's opinions on what is the best IDE for Linux.Like CodeBlock.

I was hoping to run linux mint 15 but it froze in installation so I installed ubuntu 12.04 instead.
I use KDevelop or QtCreator if I want to do GUI stuff.
Gedit, Geany or QTC (especially if I want code completion at the time) is what I use when I need an IDE, although most of the time I just use nano and background it because I run most of my app's through the terminal anyway :P.
closed account (EwCjE3v7) new to linux any tips learning Terminal.
Terminal start the shell, most likely Bash. You can google that.

Is there anything specific you want to do?
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Well Im new to programming and linux..And I used visual studio on my I need a good IDE.
You won't find a Visual Studio for Linux, the IDE's aren't that specific, and Visual Studio as you know it now is the product of 20 years of development. However, you coulld take a look at Eclipse. It's probably most Visual Studio-like in terms of the edit/compile/debug cycle. Unlike visual studio, it has loads of plugins that do interesting and useful things (like GIT integration).

And why did you ask about Terminal if you have no interest in it?
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You won't find a Visual Studio for Linux

Yea i know

you coulld take a look at Eclipse

wow there is a eclipse for c++..i used to use that for java programming..ill give it a try

.....And why did you ask abou Terminal if you have no interest in it?

Well becuz i wanna be a hacker...ethical haker..and wanna familiarize my self with thats why....terminal is useful for hacking...

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Just set your frame of mind, you might consider looking at this briefly.
Thanks kbw - the book you linked is an excellent read so far - full of gold IMO.

Cheers 8-)
If you are looking for learning shell ,
you can prefer the book
>The linux command line (tlcl)
just google the name it is free to download , read online
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Thanks guys...I have bookmarked and downloaded
By coincidence, I came across this Dr Dobbs article the other day, which reviews a number of Linux debuggers from the perspective of ease of use:

Eclipse comes out very well.
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Thanks Mickey
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