Setting up GNU/GCC issues.

I am running Xubuntu x86. Please note where I say "building" I mean roughly the following commands:
    $ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
    $ make
    $ make check
  ( $ make clean )  <-- if make/makecheck returns an error : then I repeat previous steps
    $ sudo make install
    $ make check

As I don't have an internet connection (on that computer), I have been transferring and building via a flashdrive. Now that also means that my computer hasn't been updated at all. (Although I installed the latest stable version of Xubuntu just a few days ago.)

I built the lastest versions of GMP, MPFR, & MPC. There was some troubleshooting that occurred, but it ended up going away (I hope) after a few rebuilds 'n such.

So I try moving onto building the GCC (building GNU requires that GCC is built first). So I try the steps, trying both --prefix=/usr/local and --prefix=/bin, but I keep getting this error:
    /bin/bash: g++: command not found
    make: *** [build/genconstants.o] Error 127

I don't know what this error means, but it is stopping me from doing anything on my computer. I also don't know why the build process would need G++ if what I'm trying to build is GCC.

Also I didn't know if to put this here, or the Linux & Unix / Xubuntu forum, or the GNU's forum (if one exists).
Don't know what version of GCC Xubuntu uses but if it is 4.8 the following is probably your problem:
GCC now uses C++ as its implementation language. This means that to build GCC from sources, you will need a C++ compiler that understands C++ 2003.
from here -

So I'll need a C++ compiler to build the GCC C++ compile( to build the GNU universal compiler)?

Any recommendations?
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sudo apt-get install g++ -> internet connection required. You will get an error message saying the packages cannot be downloaded, just copy and paste links to a file or something, download them using another computer and copy all *.deb files on your thumb drive, then do:
sudo apt-get install *.deb
when i installed Ubuntu first time i did n't have internet connection too.
so i understand you & i suggest you what i did.
i installed Ubuntu on a computer at school ( it had internet ) & then i downloded all needed packages ( for example by 'apt-get' as "modoran" told ) then i searched one package's name to find where they had been saved ( i didn't know their place ) & copied them to my flash drive & installed by "sudo dpkg -i *.deb" on my system at home ;)

i don't say it's the best way but i THINK it's The most prudent one !
Thanks guys I will try it out!
(I'm going to try and get the deb source from a win7 computer and transfer it over.)
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