self-compilation of procps on Ubuntu 64-bit

First of all I send greetings to all members of the forum, in particular to all readers of my thread.
I am currently dealing with a strange compilation issue on Kubuntu 12.04.02 64BE concerning the source code of procps, which is actually written in C, but I suspect most forum members to handle that language as well.
Being part of procps, my KDE plasmoid uses top as a frontend, and as I wish to enhance functionality I downloaded the latest release, changed it in my favour and compiled it successfully on both processor architectures. However, on the 64-bit edition, the original program as well as the modified version do not behave as expected. Some variables of the central struct called "proc_t" are corrupted. Weirdly enough, the installed Ubuntu binaries work flawlessly, so I suppose there are two possible scenarios:

The ubuntu developers/packagers used a different source code (I couldn't find the code in question) or I don't get my compiler to work properly (incorrect padding), although I considered the hints in the provided README file.

You can download and view the code here:
I'd appreciate compiling tips or compilation attempts (extract, change directory and type "make") on other 64-bit linux systems. Please note that some hidden errors may only get visible after a change in standard top settings.

Thanks for your help in advance,
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I'm not a *buntu user but in Debian "apt-get source pkg" will download the source code used in your distribution. You have to add a "deb-src" line to /etc/apt/sources.list. Check the man pages for apt-get and sources.list.

Strange, the latest release for Debian Sid is procps-3.3.8-2:
I downloaded the sources from
and compared them to those of the procps homepage. They are identical.
They start with procps_3.2.8, but there are 75 patch files in the deb archive to be applied:
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