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I just wanted to know which book is a must have for a total beginner, who doesn't even know the 'L' of LINUX? The book should teach about the LINUX environment, technical terms, and about the kernel and the shell at a basic to intermediate level.

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personally i just dived in and it helped me to learn a lot. i just explored the many directories, and did some c programming. i messed around with the file system, tested out limits of the shell at the terminall, wrote shell scripts to see what i could get away with, looked up cool packages to get, and spent a lot of time in the ubuntu software system
The Linux Programming Interface: A Linux and UNIX System Programming Handbook
by Michael Kerrisk
Thank you guys.


I also did the same as you-learnt C++, got interested in programming, came to know about LINUX/UNIX, installed Ubuntu hapazardly, messed my system, which resulted in serious harddisk problems(had to change my HDD).
I learnt a lot from this book:
Beginning Linux Programming, Neil Mathews and Richard Stones
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Well I just dual-booted and watch articles on how to install..and I learned commands and learned new stuff..u should try out ubuntu s it is the most user friendly one...amd than u can try Kali..which im gonna try next...also Mint 15 is even more simple one....try that one to if u want faster and simpler....

How did u get the hdd crash... What were u installing...also watch and read arrivals.
Try manjaro it is much better then Ubuntu an mint faster and stable -installs better also
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Ill check it..I haven't heard of it
My favorite was the C++ all in one reference for dummies and another called C++ Programming by mike mcgrath
Beginning Linux programming is pretty solid.

Well, I tried to install Ubuntu 12 alongside Windows 7 and did it successfully. But whenever I booted my computer, it show ed up two OS's to boot from Win 7 and Ubuntu. But when I selected Win 7, an error message would be displayed saying "Boot up error" or something like that but Ubuntu worked correctly. And few days later both stopped working.

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I don't really know but I presume it's the boot loader. So you will need to reinstall your mbr, u will need windows 7 or 8 cd/ when u boot upnjust chose language and when it says install don't press that,on the bottom left corner it will say repair bot loader. So press that and than command prompt. So in there you will need to type

Once you type that it will give u options like bootrec /fixboot
You wanba do them all. Once you have that done just restart pc and u will be on windows 7 and if u wanna get onto ubuntu u need to install easybcd it's a program and its for money but there is a just add ubuntu option and done

I know this will be hard to follow but u can always use google and search repair boot loader

Yes, thanks for the info. I faced that problem in Windows 7. So would a Windows 8 cd help repair a windows 7 boot loader?

BTW currently, I am using Ubuntu 12 in windows 7 using Virtual Box.
So would a Windows 8 cd help repair a windows 7 boot loader?

I could be wrong, but I believe windows 8 uses a different boot loader
Guys, what do you suggest about using this book:

You see actually I was so busy learning C++ and other subjects that I couldn't dare to touch LINUX.
I would suggest you install Minix3n on a VM, play with it, Its really cool. That's just my suggestion, perhaps maybe because I am using Minix3 to learn about OS.Its a great tool and there are a lot of books about it.
BTW, did you guys know that they are actually cheating us.
Like HDD decided that they should refer to a GB as 1000^3 or 10^9 whereas we know that a GB is 2^30.So that means when I'm buying a 500GB hard drive I am actually buying a 465.67GB, when I think I'm buying a 1TB HDD only 931.32 GB.what is that
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