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My hp mini is on the verge of failing on windows xp...and I have installed linux mint but my problem is that I cant get my wireless driver to work on it so I cant go online...I would like a download site or someway to help me...please and thankyou for reading...
What wireless card are you using? You will need to locate and download a suitable driver (if one exists) for Linux Mint.
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Search your wireless card on the Internet with Linux driver....sometimes another driver works for it so u can try.

Or go into device drivers and it might be there all u gota do it press install

And also if its mint 15 than that has some issues with installs wrong ones or none..try mint 14


There is a problem - on live CD and installed LM (32 & 64) I couldnt install broadcom drivers by default driver installer.


On LM 14 and Ubuntu 13.04 wi-fi detects normally during install. Why in LM 15 developers make it broken?

And we can't really help u if u don't tell us your wireless card that your using
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are you sure the wifi card is being detected? mine did (worst headache ever). you can see if its being detected in bios
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Well there have been complains that the wireless cards did not work on Mint 15..
and yea he can double check if it is being detected in the bios
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im not saying your wrong captain (your probably right), but it doesnt hurt to check.
First, have you updated all the software? Even if you downloaded the iso earlier today, there are a LOT of drivers and packages that are out of date/missing in the iso.

Just run:
$ apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

Also, you should know that missing drivers is very common in freshly installed Linux distributions - not because the driver doesn't exist, but because the driver is closed-source. Many free and open source operating systems - Linux Mint included - decide to not distribute non-free (as in freedom not price) drivers with the installation file. However, you can probably find something in the Software Center (look up ndiswrapper) that can help you with some of those closed-source, proprietary drivers.

But, so you know, I have to re-figure out how to install those dang wifi drivers every time I install a Linux distro on my laptop (which is a MacBook… A linux driver nightmare). When you do get your wireless working, please post back and let us know what you did.
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I install a Linux distro on my laptop (which is a MacBook… A linux driver nightmare).
scariest thing i ever read. i think im going to go cry now.
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Yea it doesnt heard to check :D

also BlackeK said to do them commands in Terminal (I presume ur new to Terminal)

1. Press 'Ctrl' and 'T' keys on the keyboard, than Terminal should open..if not u can try finding it by serach
2. Than type $ apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
3. That should work..

if u restart and than u get a brokenpipe error than just tell us we can help u with that...
scariest thing i ever read. i think im going to go cry now.

I literally laughed out loud when reading that!
How would I update it if I cant even get an internet connection?
and I use a broadcom wirless driver
Driver: Broadcom 102.11
and it is not supportive of linux or any version...I need a way to get the driver activated with no errors possible...remember..I dont have a cd drive and I am not using BIOS to change am running windows xp if that helps at all and I need assistance with the drivers support...if the terminal method works...then thanks...but else...I need more help..

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you dont need wifi for internet. you can use ethernet
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Yea Ethernet ..use that...and also open device driver..and check there also do the command...I will check now for your driver and come back if I have good news
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When I need a internet connection for very important things I usually use my mobile phone as a modem.
Otherwise, look for a Internet Key.

It will make you pay quite a bit (because Internet from a mobile service provider is expensive [fixed-cable internet is cheaper]) but it's going to be worth it if it's for this kind of things.

To download it from another PC you need to know its model number.
First google result gives this one, and the page's address is promising.

Besides, I forgot how to install applications on Linux, hope for someone else's help for that, but it's probably about apt-get.
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Yea but if u turn on needs wifi...and he don't got..well in windows do he does os yea.he can use that
What I mean is, if you use a internet key or a Mobile Phone which supports USB network sharing (Like the Android mobiles) you should be able to do it without Wi-Fi.
I switched to Ubuntu and I am getting the same problem..and I am using my neighbors wifi and I cant even get the driver to start when I run says..
Not connected to a connection
and it says that I only have a wired connection or VPN network as an option..I need a way to access my wifi as simply as possible..
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@TProductions But how can u if u don't have wifi driver...if u go on windows xp and get Internet u can search your card and linux driver and than put it in a USB and bring it over to your ubuntu...and see the commands to install it..or it may have a simple insulation


Yea I get u....tether internet
Mint and Ubuntu miss many WiFi drivers. I have a laptop with a broadcom wireless and neither distro contained the firmware for the device. Manjaro, an arch based Linux version does contain more broad com wireless firmware and also does better configuring video cards like ast and nvidea. I have used mint Ubuntu and about 10 other distros and manjaro blows them all out both in speed and stability. But for mint or ubuntu I was able to install b43-fwcutter which is the software you can use to then extract your firmware for you BC.

Here is more
Wireless fix
$ sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter
$ wget
$ tar xf broadcom-wl-
$ cd broadcom-wl-
$ sudo b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware wl_apsta_mimo.o
$ sudo modprobe b43
$ su echo "b43" >> /etc/modules

Justmake sure you have the correct bz2 from broadcom
When I saw that...I have no freaking Idea what you just said iamk2....I dont know how to use terminal and the one function that was from earlier didnt work....


I mean geez...can it really be that hard to get on the internet?
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