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I mean geez...can it really be that hard to get on the internet?

it is extremely hard to connect to the internet, but most times the os will handle it for you. iamks shell commands wont work because the first two need to connect to the internet

Linux is all commands..u only install stuff like gimp,flash,java the easy way but drivers are commands if it dosnt list in the device driver app

I know how u feel...when I first installed linux ubuntu I needed to download my nvidia I just did a few commands...restart and when I went into the driver app it was there with 2 other and I activated all...u will learn.its not hard
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1. Linux isn't all commands. OpenSUSE is famous for the 1-click install and easy proprietary driver installation. I have no idea why Ubuntu is the default for beginners or why it's the most used distro. It's never been the most stable or the easiest to work with.

2. Broadcom drivers cannot be included in the kernel code base for legal reasons. Research this yourself, I don't care to list sources. Although, I remember there being an open alternative... not sure the viability of it.

3. I use Arch Linux, a do-it-yourself type Linux distro. To get ethernet working, I only need to start the corresponding systemd unit file for dhcpcd(or just install wicd/networkmanager which does it for me). Even further, they provide a tool called netctl for easy setup. To get wireless working, it's probably best that you install an application to do it for you for things like auto-reconnect and to easily change backends. I use networkmanager for this.
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Computerquip u have arch ..lucky..I'm using ubuntu cuz one day I wanna get arch so I'm using ubuntu to learn simple command
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You really don't need too. As long as you understand the basics behind user permissions, the Linux filesystem, and how packaging works for your distro, you can be a mostly avid Linux desktop user without a terminal. There is a UI for just about everything now adays.
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Yea ill try it in virtual machine first and than on my system
@Tdproductions: The questions is marked as solved. Would you share with us what you ended up doing to fix your problem so others that have the same problem will know how to solve it?

Maybe he's gone for wired internet.
I don't think he solved it i think he just gave up and marked it as solved so we would stop posting pc got fried by lightning and this is the last message I can I didnt solve it...I just gave up and decided to let the insurance get a new laptop....and I had to remove linux in the first place...but this is my last message until I get a new pc....sorry...and thankyou for reading...
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Fried by lightning, that's a very bad luck...
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Sadly, in a house with no ground for any electronics, I feel the pain... and the owner of the household I live in refuses to get it worked on, despite me offering to pay in full (upward of $3000... where my PC is now around $1900 in worth anyways and I have around $8000 in electronics... a small price to pay for that).
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