Linux mint broadcom 802.11 issues

I just installed the most recent linux mint 15 and have no access to the internet only ethernet connection but my local library wont let me plug their cord in....
I am running windows 8 at the moment but I need to find out how to get my broadcom driver to work without the internet..please!!!
Try here there is a list of supported chips and instructions.
I am sorry...I just want a package that I can dowload from my windows pc and install on my linux pc...that is all I am asking...and I have no way to get online except for my neighbors wifi...I have NO ethernet connection avalable
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Also, this is a programming forum. Please go to the lounge next time or perhaps post on Mint's forum.
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Is this even meant to be in linux programming?

Lots of ppl get this problem

Just search google. You will get loads of answers
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No because it's not oriented with programming.
I marked it as solved cuz my windows 7 pc allows me to bridge the connections....I GOT WIFI TO ETHERNET CAPABILIAH!!! WOOOOOO

Sorry for the overcelebration ;)
Ok..I found a new issue...I rebooted my pc and found that the driver has not been invoked for some when I scroll over where the wifi sign used to be...there would be the ethernet icon with no wifi part after that...what do I do to get the driver to work and be active on boot?
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You can bridge with Linux as well with iptables. :D
Also, read the wiki.
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