Linux vs. Windows

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Linux 80% Windows 20%

I love linux as u can tweak it around and is super fast, no viruses and no defragmenting
I like windows becuz it has all my games but someday that will change as more games are coming to linux
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DTSCode wrote:
and i have never seen a linux distro that can game or have amazing guis like windows
Ubuntu WILL join gaming WHEN they'll release decend AMD drivers and when mouse input will not be laggy. (Mouse-Video response is huge)
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alright sorry let me rephrase this... i know that you can make games on linux, just not that very many people do, but that would be great if this comes true. and i still stand by what i said about linux guis. im not talking about graphics per se, just the interfaces, ie the parts of chrome that isnt the html/php/cgi/etc page is better on windows imo than linux
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EssGeEich, I'll agree AMD drivers are buggy but they're usable and highly performant. The open-drivers are also not that bad and comparable to the proprietary drivers with older models. They get much better with every release.

I've not heard anything about mouse input lag issues though.
Mouse is the only laggy thing I felt about.
As an example, I used a natively built Irrlicht C++ application.
Also lags on other application you may find on the software center.
Keyboard was perfectly timed tho - It even seemed to be acting before I pressed the key.

About drivers, I've always had my troubles with a HD5450.
I can only install the open drivers, and they give me problems even on the desktop, and performance tests didn't really pay out.

Maybe I should check again these days.
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