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This is what I get when I execute a program

sh: 1: /home/captainblastxd/Documents/Programming/Learned/Primer/Testing/bin/Debug/Testing: Permission denlied

How do i get permission please help
$ man --apropos permission
chmod (2)            - change permissions of a file

$ man chmod
The format of a symbolic mode is [ugoa...][[+-=][perms...]...], where perms is either
zero or more letters from the set rwxXst, or a single letter from the set ugo.

A combination of the letters ugoa controls which users' access to the file will be
changed: the user who owns it (u), other users in the file's group (g), other users not
in the file's group (o), or all users (a).

The letters rwxXst select file mode bits for the affected users: read (r), write (w),
execute (or search for directories) (x)
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So what mode should i do for chmod..

can you please write the whole command if its not to much triuble

ex. $ sudo chmod 755 /home/captainblastxd/Documents/Programming/Learned/Primer/Testing/bin/Debug/Testing
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Try using 777, on the Programming folder. It should go down up to Testing, I believe?
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¿sudo? ¿the file is not yours?
`chmod u+wx' would give the user permission to execute and write over the file
`chmod a+wx' would give anyone permission to execute and write over the file

`chown' would change the user

@EssGeEich: it would have recursive behaviour only if you tell it to behave recursive, with the `--recursive' flag
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So what should I do?
Executing a program, not building it...
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I don`t have any
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Just did
sudo chmod 777 /home/captainblastxd/Documents/Programming/Learned/Primer/Testing/bin/Debug/Testing

Everything is better...Thanks all
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