finding source files

how can i find where (what dir) the source files to a program i am running???
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Do you mean the source files, or the executable?
Both will generally depend on the distribution you are using too, so which one are you using?

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the source files. i thought i knew where they are but now i am in doubt. i say this because i have done some modifications to an handful of files and i was unsure of the run time result. so i commented out a bunch of stuff. no run time change. so i commented out a critical part and the still no runtime change.

so either the interpreter is still reading commented out code or i am working in the wrong src dir ??
So which distribution are you using? Distributions such as debian-based or rpm-based provide a lot of binary packages, which (I think) don't actually include the sourcefiles, which is why I'm asking.

You mention an interpreter, so you are not talking about c++ source files, or did you mean compiler?

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oh sorry i am using ubuntu 12.10. the program is c++, [/edit/ the program i am trying to modify] it is not a binary distro. its an open source program that needs to be built from tarball.

/edit/ so why cant i find my own source files?? like i said i am commenting out sections of code, rebuilding starting from bootstrap, and the lines commented out are still being executed. wth is going on here ??
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The I assume the tarball comes with a make-file?
Are you doing

make install
or just

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i pulled from the source files from the svn trunk which automatically created a dir in my home dir. so i cd into that dir, do my changes to the source files and then do:
./bootstrap && ./configure && make
make check
sudo make install

i am commenting out code but it is still working at run time. how can this be ??
More than likely, the sources will be in a subdir of where you untared the file. The installed binaries' location are defined during the ./configure according to probably a value defined in variable PREFIX. check the Makefile. There is no README?
i uninstalled everything. which was a pain. then reinstalled everything. now the program is back from the twilight zone. Thanks!
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