How to run cpp file on Terminal?

I have a C++ program in a cpp file and would like to run it on the terminal in Unix (Macbook user). I have very little Unix experience, so could anybody please help me with this?

Do I have to set the pwd to the folder in which the cpp file is located? Which commands do I have to use then to run the program?
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get gcc for mac, cd to the directory containing the source file, and then compile it. typically what i do is
$g++ -std=c++11 [*.cpp source files] -o [final exe]
however there are many more options that you have, such as level of optimizations and how many warnings you get. i would also make sure to grab the obj-c framework since there is a lot you can do on mac with it
why not just download Xcode from the app store? Its free. Better then using terminal.
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Better then using terminal.

says who? i have used a number of ides and keep coming back to gedit gcc and make. ides are fine if they work for you. but being able to interface with the terminal is a very important skill no matter your preference
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