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Hey everyone. I just got a new Mac. I've been coding on my windows computer with VS 11 and now 13. I want to transfer over so I need a good Mac compiler for C++. Any besides xcode would be good(I don't like its interface that much). If anyone could supply a link or a name, that would be great. Thank you!
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xcode is an ide not a compiler. which do you want? i think clang w/ llvm is made by apple. theres always the gcc btw. as far as ides go... there might be a code::blocks build for mac but idk what any others might be
What are you intending to write for GUI or terminal?
Most people I see on Macs are using Sublime to write code, I prefer Vim.

Using brew, I do believe clang++ is going to be a more up to date compiler than g++.
Well I've had a Mac for years and think XCode is a very good IDE. BTW - I used VS at work and I believe XCode is better, obviously XCode is for OSX and VS is for Windows, before someone tells me ;-)
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Not anymore. I think gcc 4.9 is more up to date than clang
I'm going off a loaner Air I had for a while. Gcc was at 4.2 I think, so I needed clang for c++11.
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gcc is far more updated since then (and finally has regex support thank god)
Hi everyone. I downloaded sublime and it is really nice to use, a bit empty, but OK. When I try to compile something in it, it says no input files. Where can I download gcc? A link would be great! Thank you!
By the way, I am writing for terminal type programs.
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that would be called console. i dont know the best way to get it for mac because i dont believe it has apt-get. dont listen to me though; i dont use appleware
First, you should open the terminal and type gcc and hit enter. You want to see something like this:
gcc: fatal error: no input files
compilation terminated.

That means you can compile something.

If that is what Sublime said to you, even better. Sublime is probably looking for a makefile, so you'll want to make one of those.

I played around with Sublime. At first I liked it, then I stopped. I felt it was trying to hard ( it isn't free either ). I also can't stand auto-complete, but that's probably just me. Don't get me started :p

i dont know the best way to get it for mac because i dont believe it has apt-get. dont listen to me though; i dont use appleware

Homebrew is what mac people use ( in lieu of apt-get ). Maybe updating XCode and installing the Command Line tools gives you a better compiler. I didn't find a simple way to update from gcc 4.2.
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Sublime isn't free but, strictly speaking, there is no time limit on the evaluation period. If you're happy with clicking 'cancel' every now and again when prompted to buy then it's more or less free software.

jazpen wrote:
Where can I download gcc?

The easiest way is to download the XCode command line tools. It's basically a set of Unix-based tools that includes gcc.

If you go to the Downloads preference panel and click the Components tab in Xcode, you should see an option to download the command line tools. Once they're downloaded, gcc should work fine through Terminal.

Hope this helps.
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