Cross Compiler for Windows to ARM Linux

I need a cross compiler so I can compile my code on my desktop and move it over to a BeagleBone. I use Code::Blocks for development.

The BeagleBone black uses Angstrom Linux and runs on an AM335x 1GHz ARMĀ® Cortex-A8. Information on it can be found here

Any help would be appreciated!
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i dont think there are any ready to download ones. you typically have to download the source for the compiler that targets the os (i think gcc lets you specify though) and build it on the host.
I also recently made my cross compiler for i586 architecture for use with an operating system
Basically, i've just followed this guide :
Note that you might have some missing dependencies that you should install first

The guide though assumes you to be using linux to build the cross compiler.
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there is also (or is it org?) that has been popular here
Hello TexanMonkey,

I also use the BeagleBone Black a lot. Linaro is my favorite tool chain, and is available for linux and windows. Al my applications are written on a windows 8 machine in Eclipse, compiled with Linaro an send to the beaglebone by Eclipse.

When u use Linaro, u need to download the make executable seperatly since this is for same resone not included with Linaro.

MvG Robbert
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