how to download unix?

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freeBSD are not unix
really? hmmm... didn't know that. what is it then?

ajh32 wrote:
Yes, BUT he will either need a Mac or build a Hackintosh.
DTSCode wrote:
for unix? no... unix was here before macintosh

For Mac OS X (specifically: before you say "you said OS X was Unix").

i know that osx wont work on a normal pc. he wants to install unix (or a derivative of). not osx...
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So The Open Group have certified that OS X is compliant with SUS V3 and Apple have the right to use the UNIX trademark in respect to the OS and you say it is not UNIX...forgive me for not being convinced that it is not UNIX.


"really? hmmm... didn't know that. what is it then?"

It's a Unix-like operating system. I believe there is a group that is working towards compliance with SUS V3.

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