How to "make" Linux OS

I know how to program in C++ and my next goal is to make my own Operating System. Can anyone tell me where and how can I learn to make it? Might help but I would probably learn some more of the basics first.
If you want to make your own Linux Distribution then its more plausible, this is not "your own", but it gets close.

You do realize that an operating system handles a lot of functions. To make something that can be considered an operating system you need to write your own drivers for the hardware, keeps track of the time, make a memory manager, communicate with hardware, design a system that runs programs, and then a display manager that shows everything to a screen that you hopefully made drivers for. And lets not forget you have to understand the BIOS boot process, and make it so BIOS finds out your operating system is a operating system.
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People become software developers first before they even develop operating systems. You'll need to know assembler and some C too. You can look here though.

"Whether for university, hobby, or commercial uses, operating system development takes time. The Linux kernel took over one year of very dedicated work to get into a semblance of usefulness, and all Linus Torvalds did was mimic existing and well-documented behaviour to get an already-existing userspace to run on it. Moreover, for every project as successful as Linux, there are literally hundreds of projects that consumed a man-year or more of work without ever getting as far as hosting a functional shell.
Therefore, plan a reasonable road map of what you want to get done. Do not assume that in 3 months your OS will have a GUI and voice recognition, because operating system development does not contain any RAD tools in it at all. In fact, it is completely void of them. (void. It's a joke. Get it?)"

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