inheritance not recognised pcl 1.7 Ubuntu 12.04 with CodeBlocks

Hi all,
I tried to compile this code on my machine using CodeBlock.

The problem is that it doesn't recognise inheritance.
For example, for this function seg.setInputCloud (cloud.makeShared ());, it doesn't recognize inheritance with class pcl::PCLBase and so it doesn't provide function setInputCloud.

CodeBlock reports as: /home/.../.../.../main.cpp|49|undefined reference to `pcl::PCLBase<pcl::PointXYZ>::setInputCloud(boost::shared_ptr<pcl::PointCloud<pcl::PointXYZ> const> const&)'|

I also add #include <pcl/pcl_base.h> but nothing!!

Me, I'm not expert on Lixux, could you help me to solve?

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So, I need to set in Project->Building Options->Search Directories-> and then?

But where I find library files for my project. In win7, I' used to find .lib files in installed folder of library.

In Linux?

Thank you very much!!
You need to set the library against which link.
Project->Build Options->Linker settings->Add

> But where I find library files for my project.
you may see the default library path by building in verbose mode
$ g++ -v -x c++ /dev/null -o /dev/null 2>&1 | grep LIBRARY_PATH

*.so are dynamic
*.a are static

On a second read, it may be a case of
Try to #include <pcl/impl/pcl_base.h>
I don't understand.

Could you be more clear?

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