Cross Compiling from Linux for Windows

Hi guys.

i m not much experienced in Linux and i m trying to cross compile from my ubuntu based ElementaryOS Luna dist and trying to create Windows executable.

So i have followed these steps at this link but failed.

What should i do.

i believe i failed at step 7. Also i use windows.h in my program.

Thanks to you all in advance.
mono might have the visual c++ compiler. a sure fire way would be to download wine and run vs
The only freely available cross-compiler on Linux for Windows is MinGW that I know of. Mono is a C# implementation for Linux that's compatible (or tries to be) with Microsoft.NET.

What errors were given whenever you attempted step 7?
you also use mono for f# though. its not just c#
Sorry guys i was sick for a while and also exams. So i couldn't take a look.

Thanks for the answers. Especially link helped a lot @modoran.
I know this is marked as solved, but I wanted to add that there is winegcc which is essentially a MinGW compatible compiler. If you are using Wine on eOS, you might as well look at winegcc. And if you're not using it, then check out Wine!
Thanks for the information @Blakek. I will check it out.
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