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Hello, From account I would to connect to my friend UNIX account I dont know how. I have her dir. address. Do I just cd /.... her dir.address?

If you're not on the same system or server, you have to ssh into her system. If you are on the same system or server, you can try to navigate into her directory but she will need to have given the proper folder and file permissions.
I have the proper folder and file permission. We are all connect to school system by using VPN. So I think yes, we are on same network. But what is command to connect to another account??
If you know their username, you can navigate to their home folder with

cd ~theiraccountname

The tilde is important.
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do i need this "~"?
Yes, that means you want to navigate to the home folder of that user. That's what I meant when I said "The tilde is important" - the name for "~" is "tilde".
I cant to connect to it? It show my dir and her dir at same time.
I don't know what you mean by "connect" in this context. I also don't know what you mean by it showing your directory and her directory at the same time - this does not make sense.
sorry didnt know tilde is ~. but anyway, it says there such no file or dir.

For example,

~/account/student/JaneDoe/..Filename../..(sub folder) ? like this?

when i pass enter it show this

/account/student/myname/account/student/JaneDoe/..Filename../..(sub folder)
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No, like this:

cd ~JaneDoe

cd ~JaneDoe/sub/folder
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by the way i mean connect is access.
yes it work thx
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