How to start make game engine

hi guys
i wanna start make game engine with C++ . my OS is arch linux . how must start this way !!? (i know make game engine is very hard . pls dont say this again :) )
you must work with OpenGL to render your graphics, if you want audio, you must work with something like jack or alsa
if you want scripting, lua is a good choice
but it depend's on your needs, the type of game that you want to make with that engine, you want it to be a complete software, or a library, all of those depend's on you
If you want to develop a 2d game engine which you might commercialise later,
then I suggest you to try Simple Directmedia Layer(SDL).
The site is :- "".

If you want to develop 3d games SDL can do that too,but
if you don't want to start from scratch then Ogre3d will
be good too.
The site is:- "".
First you should think long and hard what you actually want to accomplish.
Will it be a commercial or open-source, or freeware license.
For what kind of games should the engine be used?
Who is going to use it - newbies or pros?
Do you know enough OOD and OOP already?
I would recommend you to first read about game engines.
What do they contain and how do they work in principle.

After you have an idea how things work you should make a hello world
program using opengl and render your first triangle.

You can search tutorials for that online.
However if it comes to coding game engine in modern way then tutorials won't help but
they are giving you again, some ideas about how things work

Everything what you need to know comes while you are traveling that learning road.
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