Linux or Windows for programming?

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Um... what?

Ok, It'd probably be wiser to ignore this guy, but I don't want to. So instead I'll waste my time on a lengthy reply that won't get read... sigh.

LOL!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen: I present you a fanboy. Note how I just made a simple remark and see the kind of response I get. I even got called a stupid.

No, you didn't. I said that it was stupid of you to use the phrase "show your true colours" because it doesn't fit in the context. To show one's true colours is to reveal e.g. a part of yourself you've hidden from view. I'm openly anti-microsoft and have been for a while (long before I started using Linux, by the way. I just didn't hate them as much before). Therefore it's wrong to say I've shown my true colours just now, because I've never hidden that fact about me.

Go play with your Linux box, fanboy chirsname.

I don't know who is being referred to as "chirsname," but if it's me, then my response is that I would, but the incompetents who my parents bought that box from are "fixing" it (they've had it for a month as of Wednesday. To fix a fucking video card. I could have done better, i.e. replace the damn heatsink and fan, it takes five minutes!). Anyway, so I'm stuck on windows.

Let the rational discussion to people who can control their temper.

No. I could snidely say "then why are you here?" but that wouldn't fit the mood.

If you read earlier posts, you'll see that I praised Linux's kernel and Compiz, and I acknowledge that MS copies features from Linux.

Don't deny that you were clearly trying to appease my great anger (I'm a loose-cannon, uncontrolled beast of a man who eats people) because you fear for your life because I've perfected the art of turning up the brightness on people's monitors to such great heights that their heads explode.

Or were you too enraged to notice?

What? Haha, what am I supposed to be Leonidas or something? I'm not kicking you into a well (hard though I try :) ), so calm down.

And to enrich your knowledge: The English language has something called metaphors. "showing the colors" was intended in a metaphoric context.

To enrich your knowledge,
1. you don't capitalize a word after a colon
2. metaphors is plural, so why is "something" singular?
3. there's no such thing as a "metaphoric context" despite how cool that sounds.
Don't argue with me on English language, it's my forte (even though that's a Latin/Italian word)

I know it is not a spy movie (and by the way, applies to politics too, you close-minded F A N B O Y). Here, enjoy your reading:

Firstly, why does that make me close-minded? I would have thought that a willingness to try new things implied open mindedness.

Apparently wikipedia agrees with me:
Someone who has an open mind is receptive to new ideas or information.

I was willing to try Linux, Minix (which you've probably not heard of), OpenSolaris, BSD, etc. Doesn't that show that I'm open minded enough to accept that another OS might be better than the one I used at the time (windows)? I could accept that windows is better, but in my opinion, it is not. Technically, it is not. So I don't.

Also, what is a F A N B O Y? Is it an acronym for something? Freakishly Awesome Noun for the Best Of You :l (yeah, that's terrible, but I'm in a bad-pun-making mood).

Oh, and reinstall your Windows box as it is clearly broken.

Yes, because clearly a bug in the interface means the hardware is faulty :l
Does that mean if I write a program that uses up too much memory, I can just blame the manufacturer of the memory for letting me use too much?
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No apology necessary. You are what you are. And we now know it.
We "now" know it? Huh? Read my post above. And yes, I know that I finished editing it after you posted, so there's no need to point that out.
What's that whooshing noise? It's another point flying over your head.
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Grey Wolf wrote:
What's that whooshing noise? It's another point flying over your head.

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Linux is the best choose to develop.
Woah, such insight! Such a succinct, but elucidative, statement! Bravo!

I'll just trash my obviously 'not best' Windows OS and go with Linux forever more, because it is "the best".

Good thing subjectivity is never a concern when programming.

Too bad I spent so many years developing applications for multiple platforms when all I ever needed was Linux!

Here I go to format my HD and wipe all traces of that plague from my system...
Linux is the best choose to develop.
Isn't Linux the best choice?
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To Duoas:

I agree with you. Linux, is amazing.
I've been using windows from when I was too young to remember. It was great, until I got Linux!
I formatted my windows HD too. *props* :D haha
Can someone tell my why Grey Wolf is doing that? I thought he and I got on OK, apparently I was wrong...

I actually disagree that Linux is the best choose. Personally, I think Linux is obsolete (raising the whole monolithic vs. microkernel argument again :l ), and it also needs to lay off the bells and whistles, because it's eating too many and getting bloated. Minix would be good if there was a proper desktop environment (e.g. xfce) for it... I still think Linux is better than windows. That's my opinion, and I stand by it. I'm not going to be swayed by
derp derp you're a fanboy

Oh, and in reply to the whole thing about Linux UIs being 'bad,' read sections 4 and 5... they explain perfectly what I mean.
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chrisname wrote:
Can someone tell my why Grey Wolf is doing that?

That's the sound he makes as he nostalgically flips through his dog-eared collection of Creative Computing knowing full well that a TRS-80 Model I running TRS-DOS is the best development platform *evar*.
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Holy crap, enough.

Windows is easily considered a crappy operating system since it costs infinitely more than Linux and has the possibility of providing a worse and less stable service than something that is free. That is why people enjoy Linux so much. The same goes for anything else that is open source and / or free.

I will say that Windows has become the standard for everything, almost to the monopolistic level. I won't say this is good but one can't help but not ignore it. There are a TON of bugs in Windows just based on design that makes it bulky and / or slow and if you acknowledge this, the cost they charge you, and the crappy service and updates they give, a normal techie couldn't help but be pissed off. DirectX is hardly an advantage since it doesn't have anything over the cross platform OpenGL other than more support for native input and sound with DirectSound and DirectInput. These are, again, no direct advantage as to the libraries available on Linux although one could easily say they are more convenient if they are building an engine or something of the sort that doesn't handle the libraries for them.

@webJose: Your an idiot and your point against chrisname is almost not valid. Please refrain from looking like an idiot by trying to have one of our members get angry over you making idiotic comments about them.

Having everything GUI based also makes things bulky and slow. It's sometimes not good to have everything GUI based. I personally prefer a console based package update system. pacman or yum will always get the job done for me.
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Hi computerquip: You are an @sshole to drop in conversations that do not concern you. Get a life, and maybe a girl or boyfriend and stop nosing at things you don't have to. You are commenting like this because you too are a fanboy, and I must therefore tell you this: Go play with your Linux box! Don't over do it, though, or you'll go blind!!! hahaha

And just saying something is not valid doesn't mean it actually isn't valid, you little piece of shit. Arguments, please!!!

Moronic son of a bitch.
I don't think it's that...
chrisname wrote:
I don't think it's that...

No? I coulda swore that's what it was. I must be missing something then.
superquip to the rescue???

Anyhow, I laugh at how he seems to picture me as being some kind of massive angry douche who goes around shouting at people (I'm not, I developed a mean manner over the last year or so. In real life, people can tell I'm really just joking around, but on the internet it doesn't work I guess).

The reality is that
You are an @sshole
get a life, and maybe a girl or boyfriend
(implying computerquip is a homosexual? That'd be the mature way of dealing with things)
you little piece of shit.
Moronic son of a bitch.

are far more angry than
don't be stupid.

Or whatever I said that made me relatable to The Hulk.

I think you've shown your "true colours," which would be that you're actually just narrow-minded and angry (in short, everything you accused me of being. Funny how that happens, isn't it?)

computerquip wrote:
Just going through the paces so I know exactly what to do when I get my computer back :)
Now chrisname, I had already given you peace out of this topic. I had nothing else to say to you about this particular incident, and yet you come here and make computerquip's mistake: Nosing in other people's conversation. I mean, come on! Are you retarded or something? Did I mention you in my response to computerquip???

With you I had my fun, you had your fun, we threw things around and that was it. But Nooooo, you just couldn't let go, could you?

Well, if I must, I can still tick you off big time. Let me stop here for a moment while I digest my lunch. I'll just leave you with this thought:

(implying computerquip is a homosexual? That'd be the mature way of dealing with things)

At which point in time did I imply computerquip is a homosexual???? I just don't know if computerquip is a man or a woman. Or do I??? YOU are the one implying it. Think about that for a moment while my spaguetti settles down.
Chrisname, now that I think of it, I overdid it with my last post. I did not mean to call you a retard. Too much American TV? Anyway, for that, I apologize. It was uncalled for. I was just in a roll. I did not edit the post so there is a record of my mistake as well as this apology.
you wrote:
Can someone tell my why Grey Wolf is doing that? I thought he and I got on OK, apparently I was wrong...
OK, You have a habit of totally missing the point of peoples posts or not quite getting it.

Just one example:
webJose wrote:
Oh, and reinstall your Windows box as it is clearly broken.
you wrote:
Yes, because clearly a bug in the interface means the hardware is faulty :l

I don't have a problem with you. It is not just you that misinterprets what is said, hence no specific reference to anyone in the "What's that whooshing noise?" post.
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