ODBC and C++

How install ODBC on Ubuntu/Mint?
How accessing to ODBC from C++ program? Libraries, headers and samples needed.
You can search for packages on Debian-like distros like this:
$ apt-cache search odbc

Likely you're looking for the following (assuming package name is the same on Debian and Ubuntu):
# apt-get install libcppdb-dev 

Although it's a two week old question so you've probably figured it out by now.
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You will need an ANSI C compiler. For this tutorial we used gcc on Linux, but with a few small alterations the C compilers from Sun, HP, IBM etc will work just as well.

You link your application with an ODBC Driver Manager which will:

provide the C header files that allow you to compile your application.
load the driver you want to connect to.
We recommend you use the unixODBC driver manager.

You probably have the unixODBC driver manager installed if you have the odbcinst command (for ODBC drivers from Easysoft, the unixODBC driver manager is located in /usr/local/easysoft/unixODBC and the odbcinst command in the bin sub directory of that path).

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