I want to run make for a "network packet trace reader" which is written in C.
In ubuntu 14.0.4

but I got this error: undefined reference to 'sqrt'

By using -lm ( > make -lm), I got that error again.
What should I do?

Thank you.

You could try make LDLIBS=-lm. It might work, but it depends on how the makefile has been written. If that doesn't work it might be easier to just open up the makefile and edit it manually.
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Running make LDLIBS=-lm , I got the same error.

Then I added this line LDLIBS = -lm to makefile. And again the same error!

CC = gcc
CFLAG = -wall -03 -c -g
LDLIBS = -lm
If the library that you're trying to build is Netrace I think you might have better luck with make LIBS=-lm.
Thank you very much. The solution works...
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