Kickstart Config file not working on the exam

I had issues with the installation of a vm. I suspect that there were issues with the kickstart configuration file. I did these exact steps as taught by the self-paced red hat training and it did not work:

Open the virtual machine console and start a Kickstart installation of the virtual machine. - Once the virtual machine has started and the console button becomes available, click the active console button to start the Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation. Accept the opening of the console.vv file using Remote Viewer by clicking the OK button. - Highlight Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 and press the Tab key to edit the installer options. - The editor should open with the cursor automatically positioned at the end of the existing kernel arguments. At the end of the kernel command line, add a space and the argument inst.ks= to specify the location of your Kickstart file. - Press Enter to start the Kickstart installation of the virtual machine.

These steps didn't work. Am I missing something here?
Did you really use on your command line, or did you substitute with something actually relevant to your particular circumstance?

Also, this is a programming forum, not a system administration forum, nor advice on how to use particular kinds of s/w that just happen to be running on Linux.

Google "kickstart vm" for additional resources, and perhaps ask on a forum run by whoever wrote/supports kickstart (maybe

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