Lego Mindstorms ev3

Is the c++ language compatible with Lego Mindstorms ev3 and if it is, what do I need to do to to get it to work?
c++ is a compiled language. Even if this (?game? what is is it?) were programmed in c++, you could not see the source code, only the executable machine code, so you cannot just edit the program if this is what you are thinking.

Most games that support user modifications do not do it via c++, they do it via Lua scripting language or something like it. If the program provides hooks to allow you to inject your own code/mods, there should be some online info about how to do this.

If you are trying to hack it, c++ is good at that. But this is possibly illegal depending on what you are doing and its not trivial, it will take a couple of years to get good enough to modify a program that way.
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it is a lego robot that runs on a condenced version of lab view if you look it up you will get lots of pictures. No I am not trying to hack but thanks for the idea.
In general, C++ is compatible with (i.e., a C++ compiler already exists for) a majority of processors and microcontrollers.

5 minutes of internet searching finds a project which seems promising and nondestructive:
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this is my first word based language so i dont know much
ah, a robot builder kit...
adding to the above, many of these tools are C compatible and a few more have a custom C or c++ "LIKE" language. For example the very common aurduino controllers speak 'not quite c++'
ok thanks
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