I am using the ubuntu bash shell on windows 10 and can't send an email to myself. What am I doing wrong? I am trying to send an email to myself using
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There isn't anything there to help answer my question
There isn't anything here to help answer your question

I was hoping the link would help you improve your query.
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I apologize. I was hoping something off topic would be appropriate. I have redirected my question to a unix site.
off topic is fine, but there are multiple mail clients on most unix machines (including emulators etc). Not to mention 'what am I doing wrong' without 'what I am doing' is a bit challenging to answer.

I mean the basic one would just be 'mail'. embed one of the forms of the command shown on that link into your program via a 'system' call?

Does this work? I haven't spent much time in the shell; I have used Cygwin for so long that swapping over not been a high priority.
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