[Beginner] How Do I Install Debian Buster on Dell G3 17?


I have a question regarding installing Debian Buster on my Dell G3 17 laptop. Right now, my laptop has an empty (uninitialized and brand new) Sansung 500 GB SSD. It also has a 500 GB NVMe SSD, which is what Windows 10 is on. What I would like to do is the following

1.) Transfer everything (including Windows 10) from the NVMe SSD to the brand new Samsung SSD.

2.) Delete everything off of the NVMe SSD

3.) Install Debian Buster onto the NVMe SSD and be able to either launch into Windows 10 (on the Samsung SSD now) or continue to Debian (installed to the NVMe SSD). I don't want Debian Buster to touch anything on the Samsung SSD, only work with the data on the NVMe SSD so I have two drives with two operating systems (Debian on NVMe, old Windows 10 and data on new Samsung SSD)

How can I achieve this? If I install Debian on the NVMe SSD, will Grubmenu automatically recognize that there is a second drive (Samsung) that can boot into Windows and give that option?

Secondly, here are the settings I have on my laptop currently. I have Secure Boot DISABLED. Should I enable it first and foremost before doing any of this? Debian 10 works with Secure Boot right?

Could someone walk me through the steps of how I should accomplish these things as I am new to Linux and would like some help without destroying my system.
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Why are you transferring windows from one disk to another?

Also, this site is about programming in C++, and this forum is about programming in C++ on Unix/Linux systems.

You'd be better off asking Debian install questions on a site which caters for such questions.
Because I would like Debian to be on the faster NVMe drive as I will be using it more often than I will be using Windows
I tried installing RHEL(Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and it was incompatible with my XPS 9360. They recommended Ubuntu and I have had a positive experience using the WSL (Windows Subsystem of Linux). Hope this helps.
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