math.h namespace problems

I'm developing a c++ application on ubuntu.
I use some pre compiled libraries (I worked with them before)
the thing is I'n getting error messages when building such as
Vector3.h:163 error: 'sqrt' was not declared in this scope
Vector3.h:168 error: 'acos' was not declared in this scope
Atom.h:45 error: 'asin' was not declared in this scope

and so on..
the thing is that I do not use math.h in my code and these errors are in
the libraries I use. as I said I used these libs before with no problems.
any suggestions what it might be?
Thanks, Ini
using namespace std; ?
I am "using namespace std;" but as I said
These errors are not in my code but in the libraries I use
so that won't help
Have you used the libraries with this compiler before? You may need to change your library code, put in some #ifdef type stuff etc.
Yes I use the same system and the same compiler.
I suspect it might be some makefile flag but I'm not really sure...
In that case you have changed something, a Makefile flag is a strong possibility if the code has not been touched.
Posting a sample of the Vector3.h or Atom.h files would probably help...specifically the include directives and the context in which you are receiving the error.
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