Good Linux IDE?

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Yes helios, 1 file of source code. I just want something like kate. text edit at top. terminal at bottom so i can see output and hotkey so i can compile without having to go terminal and type it in evertime.

also i like how kate lists files to left. I can write my program and reference other programs in list on a fly til i have my stuff memorized.

I will give eclipse a try.
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I think Netbeans maybe perfect for you.
it is easy to use.
I like its autocomplete function.
Netbeans is like VC++ IDE.

Are you serious? Because I had program in VC++ and its really easy and fun.

So, its like VC++ for real?

I think that's sweet, I'm getting that one, perhaps I get Eclipse too
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When I did move from windows to linux I did first use kate but then quite fast moved to vim. I like it because it is powerful and customizable text editor but only draw back is very hard to learn.

I also increase number of possible working spaces with gnome-terminal tabs feature. I usually have 2-4 tabs open.

But for IDEs I think KDeveloper, Code::Blocks and eclipse (Test different JVMs to gain the best performance. For me sun JVM was the fastest.) Also Anjuta is very promisin project but it is way too unstable and has lost it name there. I think it has potential in good interface and feature set but crash rate is too high for productive use (or used to be)
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