Please help me about scripting

This is my problem about this activities:

Develop a utility that will enhance the current file management and
organization functions of Linux.

You may use existing file management commands to create the utility.
Look for options that were not explored by the command yet, then
enhance the command by reinventing its name and adding this option
to its current options.

You may combine related commands into one script also.
copyormovefile (-c -m) filename/s
copyormovefile is the name of the utility
(-c -m) are options that will do the following:
-c for copying filename/s
-m for moving filename/s

Thanks for helping me, how can i do these,? T_T
Do you know how to write a program (we call them programs, not scripts - they're very different things) in C++?
Most def not c++ but ill point you to an e-book where you can learn scripting fast and easy.

just search (shell tutorial scripting.pdf) on Google and download that 2 days to learn that then you good to go unless you have time and can make it a day.
sir.. how can i do these .. for example in rmdir utility , how can i add new options for example
rmdir ( -m) --> Remove a directory, even if files existed in that directory.
but there is no such ( -m ) options of rmdir , its only ( -r ) and ( - v ) ... I dont know how to add new options that not used by this command rmdir yet... please help
You create a script file called rmdir that normally calls /bin/rmdir. But of -m is specified, it does something special. One option is to use /bin/rm to remove the contents before calling /bin/rmdir.
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