trying to rescue a HD

I have a HD from an iMac that was no longer responsive, so I pulled it. Just for fun, I plugged it into my ubuntu system, and can (at least for the moment) see files on the drive.

Problem is, I'm getting permission/protection issues when I try to copy the stuff off the drive. It also tells me the device is mounted read-only.

Can someone tell me the commands for unmounting it, and remounting it so that I can copy stuff off of it?'s a chance for a UNIX person to be a hero in the eyes of a Mac user (my GF).
You might get more response by posting on a Linux forum

Its possible that linux can only read the mac (HFS+ maybe) volume

If its mounted read only can you not get your stuff off of it?
If you're trying get the data off a disk, do not mount for read/write access or you will almost certainly loose your data.

Follow these instructions on how to mount an HFS+ disk on Linux. But please mount it read-only. The tricky bit is finding the start of the partition, but that's covered.

You'll need to get losetup. On debian you'd do:
sudo apt-get install loop-aes-utils

I don't know what you do on Ubuntu.
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Thanks, kbw...that's good information. I'll keep sickDisk mounted via USB; that seems to keep it read-only.

Regarding newDisk: there's got to be a simpler way to initialize it on ubuntu (or any Linux system, for that matter). They must have a disk utility, but I can't find it yet.
OK, I found the ubuntu disk utility. I've begun the copy (it's going to take forever with USB 2.0, not to mention the source disk is sick), but once it's done, I'll mount the new disk and try Migration Assistant on the Mac.
OS X can read UFS (Unix Filesystem) disks, being partly based on FreeBSD. If you're preparing a disk on Linux for OS X, you could consider using UFS.

I found this page on using UFS on Linux.
Thanks for the help, guys. I've played with this off and on for the last day or so, and it appears that when a drive is formatted on a Mac with the journaling option, it mounts on ubuntu as read-only. When I disabled journaling in my format, I could then write to the drive.

Not 100% sure about this, nor do I know if it applies to all flavors of Linux.

Anyway, I think I've beaten this to death as far as this forum is concerned. Thanks again...
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