linux kernel book

i like to learn linux kernel architecture and programming. so can any one tell which book is best for linux kernel?
I honestly wasn't aware there was such a book. I sadly can't recommend anything, but will keep an eye on this thread to see if anyone replies with a book.
I recommend two such books: Kerrisk's "The Linux Programming Interface", which I have a physical copy of about three feet from me and I read almost cover to cover during some long empty time at work last summer, and is an excellent guide to programming for Linux, and Bob Love's "Linux Kernel Development" which I have not read nearly so thoroughly but thus far has been a very solid piece of work.
One of the teachers i had wrote a book, i think it explains how an OS works, taking as an example the source of the Linux Kernel 0.01.
Here it is :

I can't tell you if it is good however, and it might have only been published in french
From what I know, Torvalds' inspiration for Linux was Minix.

Assuming you want to write your own kernel, why go for a book in this age of information?

Otherwise, if you want to do Linux programming:
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