Okay, this is technically a mac question, but ...

Do Snow Leopards come with C++ compilers? I'm on vacation and having trouble living without this language, so I tried compiling from the command line on my sister's computer. She almost certainly didn't install any extra programming software, unfortunately. I'm pretty sure g++ isn't installed, as bash didn't recognise g++ (or gcc, for that matter, but it recognised every other language under the sun I could think of,which confuses me, because why would they have more support for Perl than Objective C?) Is all hope lost?
I'm not a Mac guy but most OS's dont ship with a compiler (aside from say lfs and gentoo). Perl is probably installed because the system or another installed app requires it. Why not just install Xcode, code::blocks or another IDE that supports Mac?
You need to install Xcode seperately. And there's a seperate package that installs the tools so you can run them from Terminal.

It is quite a shock to the system when you use a Unix system that doesn't have a compiler installed.
For various reasons, I could see your responses, but not reply to them. Also, I couldn't install anything extra onto the computer. I'm back now.

Anyway, I've got everything, thanks! Oh, well, knew it was a bit of a long shot.
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