need help running an ide

just installed linux fedora and seems to be doing well except when trying to run or execute programs in codeblocks it tells me that this project has not been built yet and when I still try to run it I get this error:
/bin/sh: g++: command not found
I have used this on windows and seemed to be running fine, although it seems I have a lot to learn on linux. Is there anything I need to install with codeblocks to get it to work properly? Any tips would help! Thanks!
You need to install g++ first. According to the internet, the following is more or less equivalent to Debian's build-essential package:
yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'
yum groupinstall 'Development Libraries'
wow after I get the terminal to download all this I think it will work, anjuta will probably work too.. thanks I will let you know if this got it running!
AWESOME THANKS!! it worked!! I am definetely going to have to brush up on working with the terminal now.. you rock man!
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