C++ on IBM AIX

Hi all
during an interview a person told me that IBM AIX is written in c and it do not support any advance c++ features like templates rtti etc.

it is hard to belive that it do not support c++, i never work on IBM AIX don't know about it.

can someo one tell me little details or any link about it, or is there any old version of IBM AIX which do not support C++ ?

thanks in advance.
AIX is IBM's branded Unix. It's an operating system.

C++ is a programming language.

The two are different things.
thanks for reply.

yes AIX is unix OS do it has any specific C or C++ library
like Microsoft has visual studio product. designed for AIX only (may be some optimization for their specific hardware.)

do IBM provide compiler and library for his OS which may or may not support some features of C++.

or he just make me fool. huh.... he might be working on some old version of AIX with some old C library and compiler on it.
IBM do provide devtools for AIX.

Don't confuse a development environment with a platform. The native language of Unix is POSIX, which is a C interface.
IBM's flagship C++ compiler for AIX (XL C/C++) certainly supports templates, RTTI, and everything else (including much of C++11: they are committed to fully support both C++11 and C11 as soon as possible).
I use it every day.

GCC can be used as well.
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well so IBM AIX is unix os and support all different programming languages
including C++ just like other unix/linux os.
Yes, that's a good summary.
Here where I work, we have installed and use the GNU C/C++ compiler as well on our AIX 5.3 box.
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