I'am writing an Programm using libmpdclient.
I know how to check for errors and which errors are there, but does the error "MPD_ERROR_OOM" (out of memory) just say that the last operation was unsuccessfull or does it also say that the server connection got closed ?
The Api documentation does not say anything about that.

I'm pretty sure that the last operation was unsuccessful but don't set on my words I use gnu g++ and i'm 12 here's the archive:
Yes i already knew that it meant that the last operation was unsuccessfull, but what I wanted to know is, if the connection gets closed or not.
For example if the Error "MPD_ERROR_TIMEOUT" occures the connection gets closed but if you get the error "MPD_ERROR_MALFORMED" the connection is still ok afterwards and can be reused.
If it's open source, why not just look at the source code?
Good idea din't think about that until now. :-)
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