start using openGL and GLUT


I want to start writing programs with graphics and with a little search on the web i saw that openGL and the higher level library GLUT are used the most.

The thing is that i cant find a good tutorial to start with.All i find are tutorials with some examples of triangles and line loops but nothing more.
I want to start from the beginning but i dont know where to start.
Should i first start reading about openGL and then GLUT or openGL is too low level and i should start with GLUT.

Can you point me to the right direction and provide some good tutorials to start with?Also is there any other api for graphical programming or GLUT is a good one to start with?

Don't use GLUT. It is old and forgotten. Use FreeGLUT
I used this tutorial to start learning FreeGLUT, but it is old too. Or you can read this book
next year here will be a new version of this book but I don't think it is worth to wait. Learn from first book and next year from second.
Or you can use this library but I did not learn it now.
For OpenGL ,

Ohh dear there is only right direction we find is,

use of opengl programming guide Red book(beginners) and opengl programming guide Blue Book(Advanced).

And alternative of OpenGL, means wrapper for other languages is SFML. But that is only after openGL.

So best of luck....
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