Starting With Ubuntu

Salam(Persian). I work with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 in windows7 64bit to writing c++ programs. Now, I want to have a software like MS VS 2010 that be very powerful and complete in c++ programing for ubuntu 12.04.
But it has to be free. What's it's name? Link to download? How to install it?
My system is 64bit.
Thanks any way.
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Code::Blocks probably will be your best choice. It also work on windows.
Here are eclipse too. I did not used MS VS 2010 so I don't know if it is similar.
How to install it?

Software is installed via package managers (using e.g. Synaptic and Ubuntu has something they call Software Center). Eclipse CDT should be up-to-date in Ubuntu 12.04, but Code::Blocks is not, so you need to add the following repository first:
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